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If car fail inspection do you still have to pay?
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If car fail inspection do you still have to pay?


Mr Rational
You would have to pay. They don't work for free, and inspecting a car qualifies as work.

Damon M
Pass or fail, you have to pay.


Ryan R
Yes, of course.

Now here's a way to avoid paying for a failed "inspection." If you are aware of a problem that might cause your vehicle to fail an inspection, go to a reputable garage and ask for an estimate on fixing that problem and an estimate on any other work that your vehicle might need to pass inspection. Because the estimation is not an actual inspection, you won't have to pay.

Of course, if it turns out that there is nothing wrong with your vehicle that would cause it to fail an inspection, you still have to pay for an actual inspection, which, depending on which state you live in, could be quite involved, more so than a cursory look. You can't just say, "Great. Slap a sticker on."

If your vehicle fails an inspection, some states, such as Maine, require the inspector to provide you with a list of defects. If you opt to have that mechanic fix the defects rather quickly, he most likely will not charge you for the second inspection.

Mark G
Yes, it usually says right at the inspection station the price pass or fail.

Classy Granny
Yes, Most have a sign posted or it's on the work odrer
"Pass or Fail" and what the price is. When I as driving an older car and never knew if they'd fiind something I always took it early enough that I would have time to come up with the cash if it needed work.

Yes. However, you may or may not be entitled to a free re-inspection, after you get the car fixed.

Yep..pay it

I couldn't tell you about the specific state regulation because I don't know where you are but here in NY, pass or fail, you pay. If you fail. it also will cost an additional $10.00 for a reinspection bringing a failed inspection up to $47.00 without a tip for the mechanic!
This is only fair insofar as the mechanic is in business for profit and whether passing or failing , the mechanic must be paid for his work. The motor vehicle department gets a percentage of the inspection fee to offset administrative costs.
Believe me, NO ONE works for free!

Yes you do because first in many if not all states it is the law and second that technician spent time doing his or her job and must be paid as well.

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