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If four cars reach a 4 way intersection at the same time, who goes first?
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If four cars reach a 4 way intersection at the same time, who goes first?

I was wondering about this for a brief second the other day when I was stopped at a stop sign. The rule that says we should give right of way to the driver on the right doesn't make sense in this situation. Do you have an answer? Can you think of other ways driving rules/laws don't make sense in specific situations?


Give way to the right.

If you cannot give way to the right i.e. two arrive at the same time - but facing each other and one is turning left across the path of the other and the other is going straight on, then whomever is going straight on goes first. (I know the last paragraph is not what you asked).

Where I live it is whomever is driving the pick-up or SUV who seems to go first, whether they got there first or not!!!!

Karnak, the reason a vehicle stops twice (as in your scenario), is because you have not officially stopped until you stop AT the stop sign!!!!

I thought it was the driver to your left. Depends on what country your driving in I guess.

If they are all turning right, they can all do it at the same time.

If any of the cars are turning, they have to yield to the cars going straight.

If all of the cars are going straight, there is always some dirt wad in that kind of situation that insists he goes first. So let him. If he is going straight, the car across from him should also go. Then the two at right angles go after the dirt wad and other car have cleared the intersection.

I don't know who came up with four way stop signs, but whoever did should do some hard time. At the very most a three way stop would do. And why do people stop a second time at a stop sign if the car in front has crept ahead and the next car is at the place where they would have stopped anyway?

The biggest.

If everyone obeys the rule, then each must wait yield to the driver to his or her immediate left, so no one can go first, and traffic just stops.

In real life:
The person who is most willing to risk an accident goes. The persons who are willing to wait to be safe wait. It depends on whose car costs how much, who has how much insurance, who is late for work, who is being very careful to avoid police because of an outstanding warrant, etc.

Usually drivers will let people know by waving someone through, if not slowly roll towards the intersection and if no one moves, slowly accelerate then keep going through. People coming to a stop at the exact same time is very rare. It usually who stops first, go first.

Al Mac Wheel
The driver who goes first is the one who is least concerned about getting in a traffic accident.

The driver who goes last is the one who wants to live forever in a car that almost never gets in any accident or is a target of road rage.

There's also drivers who can wave to others "you go on ahead of me."

Vince M
In general, in the US, a driver must yield to the vehicle on the right. But, as you say, if everyone arrived at the exact same moment, EVERYBODY yeilds and no one goes.

Trust me, SOMEONE will start moving, and, in that case, he is TAKING the right of way, and the car to his left should hang back, before proceding. The cars, then, in turn, yeild and then procede.

this would be a good time to be patient and let everyone else go first

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