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If i'm at a 4 way stop and there's a bus there...?
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If i'm at a 4 way stop and there's a bus there...?

and i'm to the right of it, do i have to wait for the bus to load all the kids on and continue going or can i go while the kids are still getting on?

i live in Missouri if that makes a difference.


If you get there before the bus, you go first. If you get there at the same time as the bus and you're on the right, you can go. But if you get there after the bus is stopped, you probably should wait, but if there's no cops around, I'll probably go if I'm going straight or turning right. If I'm turning left, which is where the bus is coming out at, I'll wait. It just makes sense that way. You can't legally go by or around a bus with their stop sign out, which is a 2 way stop sign facing both directions.

In my opinion, if the bus is stopped loading or unloading kids, the bus is not part of the traffic anymore for the stop sign, so I think it'll be okay to turn in a direction the bus is not at. If you're turning in the same direction the bus is at, you can pull into the intersection, turn your wheels to the left and stop as long you don't go passed the stop sign of the bus. After the bus puts in the stop sign, you can proceed. But actually I'll rather stay at the 4 way stop sign and not be sticking out there in the intersection.

AS long as your not going towards it or behind it you don't need to stop.

If you are on the same side of the street or at a 4 way then everybody stops.
If you are on a road that is 3 or more lanes and you are on the opposite side, you do not have to stop, because the bus driver by law has to drop a child off on the other side if it is 3 or more lanes.

In NY all lanes of traffic are supposed to stop for school buses who have there stop sign out. I believe the laws are nationwide for childrens safety.

you have to wait as per Missouri Law...I checked for you

Joseph F
im not sure about Missouri but in NC,OH,and MN where I lived unless you are on a highway with a mediann you can NEVER EVER pass a stoped school bus while loading kids unless you want a nice ticket and up to 9 points on your license

You may not pass a school bus when it is loading or unloading kids. If it is at a 4 way stop the and you both stopped at the same time the one to the right goes first except for a postal truck. The post office is alway first.

Friendly Stranger..
This is a common sense question. If the bus has its flashers out and it has released the stop sign, then all traffic no matter which way you are going must stop. That means traffic coming towards the bus, and behind it must stop. You are to wait until the bus has given you the clear to proceed.

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