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If there is no "No U Turn" sign at a signal, is it safe to assume that a U turn IS permitted at that signal?
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If there is no "No U Turn" sign at a signal, is it safe to assume that a U turn IS permitted at that signal?


The Shayman

If there is no "No U Turn" sign at a signal, is it not safe to assume that a U turn IS permitted at that signal.

It is illegal and you might be cited for it.

It depends on the city. In tulsa, Ok. they finally passed a U-turn law a few years back. Now everyone thinks it's ok to do U-turns anywhere they please. The law actually states that U-turns are illegal:
On a hill.
If it becomes a 3 point turn instead of a U-turn.
At any intersection with a traffic control device, i.e. a stop light.
Since most cities have a "right turn on red after stop" law, you would not want someone making a U-turn on the cross street as you made your right hand turn.

Typically yes, although some towns/cities have odd laws. I would assume it would be ok and do it if need be.

Yes, unless it's local law not to perform U-turns

Where I lived in Florida, it is illeagel to perform any u-turn if it interferres with any traffic, even if a sign isn't posted. That means if you make traffic stop behind you because your stupid *** wants to take a short cut, then it's a ticket. Or if your stupid *** makes a u-turn which causes the on coming traffic to slow down cause you pulled out in front of them; it's illeagel. However, if you made a U-turn without interferring with any other traffic, then it was perfectly legal.

wate what? Don't confuse me!


Lover not a Fighter
NO !!

U turns are NEVER allowed at intersections. NEVER.

Those signs are their just as reminder - because they are particularly busy and dangerous intersections.

Good Luck...

If there is no U-Turn sign present then you can make this turn however doing so will put you and others at risk and what ever happens will be completely your fault.....

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