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If you are involved in an accident, causing injury or death, you must report it in how long and to who?
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If you are involved in an accident, causing injury or death, you must report it in how long and to who?

To the DMV within 24 days
To the DMV within 24 hours
To the CHP within 24 days
To the CHP within 24 hours


If there was bodily injury or death i would assume the police were at the scene of the accident, therefore the police would be questioning everyone there, if you were involved they would have told you that you had to fill out reports within 24 HOURS.
Besides that, they also file accident reports with the DMV so anyone involved and guilty of violations would would be fined etc. and so on.
In short, file reports immediatly to cover your @$$!

If the accident involves a vehicle, contact the CHP, your insurance company. If no vehicle was involved, notify police. The DMV will be notified through the police if they were at the scene and a report was filed or the CHP takes a report when you talk to them.

Ryan R
In Maine, if the damage occurs on a public way and is at least $1,000, you must report the incident to the police and file a self-report to the Secretary of State within 48 hours. Other states' laws are probably similar.

You should report it immediately and report the accident to the police.

Due to being an auto insurance counselor, you must report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible, as well as to the police. By as soon as possible, I mean as soon as you are able after the accident, if not from the scene of the accident.

this a drivers test? call 911 if it causes injury or death its an emergency

You must report it right away to the police and DMV. I think you can get into trouble if you waited to report an injury or fatal accident that you are involved in.

Theoretically 24 hours and here's why:
A person must be missing for 24 hours or more before the police will begin investigation without overwhelming evidence of kidnapping, murder, etc. If you are involved in an injury, number one: you must call 911 and report immediately for emergency care, etc.
Number two: If you don't report a death within twenty-four hours, the likelyhood that you will be arrested (for accesory to murder after the fact, withholding evidence or obstruction) increases dramatically. (By about 90%.)

vincent c
24hrs to the police and if its over a certain amount $$$

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