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In Massachusetts, do you need to have a parking brake in the middle for the MA driver's license exam?
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In Massachusetts, do you need to have a parking brake in the middle for the MA driver's license exam?

My friend wants to take the driver's license road test in Massachusetts, and he will be using my car. The MA RMV on http://www.mass.gov/rmv/license/5classd.htm states, "The examiner must be able to reach the vehicle's emergency brake or foot brake. Any vehicle with a center console that does not have an emergency brake as part of the console cannot be used."

My car does not have an emergency brake in the middle, just on the left side where the instructor would not be able to reach across for access. Has anyone who has taken the MA road test ever had this problem? Will the instructor really enforce this? I've never heard of such a requirement before and find it hard to believe that they would enforce it.

If they do enforce it, any ideas on how to get a car? Will Enterprise, Hertz, Avis, etc, rent a car to someone who does not have a license?

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Thanks for your quick responses. They are useful. To answer frediwhite, in my car, the footbrake is on the side furthest from the instructor so the instructor would not be able to reach it. There is no handbrake in the middle.


Vorhees a jolly good fellow
Wow, thats good research on your part.

I'm from Australia, most of our cars have the park brake in the centre console, but my Toyota has it on the dash, so it would be hard for a passenger to reach (not only that, it doesnt work that well)

Its a strange rule, because park brakes are not designed to stop a car, its designed to hold a cars weight once it is stopped. I'd also consider it to be dangerous to have someone rip on the park brake if you werent expecting it. Particular if the car was front wheel drive.

Im not sure about the USA, but in Australia, most of our driving school cars have a brake and a clutch on the passenger side that the instructor can use if they need to, perhaps you might find on like that in the states and use their car for a test? Its common for a student to use the instructors car in the test over here.

Note the requirement says "reach ... or foot brake." You don't have a problem.

No you don't.........because all cars are built different..

the examiner has to be able to reach the e brake or foot brake. Any vehicle with a center console that does not have the e brake as part of the console cannot be used!

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