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In Ohio, at what point do you have to honk your horn when passing a car? Before you pass? Next to it?
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In Ohio, at what point do you have to honk your horn when passing a car? Before you pass? Next to it?

I was involved in an accident. There was a truck stopped in the middle of the lane with no turn signal or anything. I slowed way down, and when he still wasn't going anywhere and there was no oncoming traffic, I signaled and went to go around him. As I was almost next to him he did a left hand turn into a drive way and hit me. The cops claim that I obviously hit him, which looking at the damage to my now totaled vehicle is incorrect. I got cited for improper passing for not using a horn, yet he received no citations even though no signals were used. At which point are you required to honk? when you start to pass them? Get next to them? or when?


if you had waited a few min. none of this would had happen. but the damage is done. i don't know the honking law in ohio. but any time a vehicle is in front of you they have the right of way.even if they don't signal. you as a driver have to use your best way of thinking. in this situations. by passing on the left. when a vehicle is not moving does not give you the right to pass. that is why you got the tickets. the truck was suppose to use his signals. but it does not matter now.

At a minimum of 15 feet so that they will know that you are back there..

Update from the Ohio Motor Vehicles Handbook.....

The Ohio driver's education books state that you must honk the horn whenever you pass another car.

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