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In a serious collision there is a ____ chance of your car catching on fire.?????
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In a serious collision there is a ____ chance of your car catching on fire.?????

In a serious collision there is a ____ chance of your car catching on fire.

A. 0%

B. .04%

C. Greater Than 50%


I would say .04% it could catch fire, but being there is so many things like ( the fuel cut off switch, shuts off the fuel pump if you are in a crash and can't feed a fire) automatic ignation stop switches and the like. Even in a really bad crash the seatbelts and the air bags keep you safe and you can get out of the car.


Answer C

In most serious collisions, there are a lot of flammable fluids that end up surrounding the vehicle. It doesn’t take much for them to ignite into flames from a spark or cigarette.

i would say "b".

B I guess? I've seen plenty of cars getting in serious collisions and none of them have caught on fire

moti chut

ignition, battery, sparks flying from metal scraping, highly volitile gasoline...YOU DO THE MATH !

there is great chance that it will catch fire why do you think the fire dept is always dispatched to an accident ? that rescue truck cost $400,000 and is expensive to operate but dispatched before the police and ambulance because it is the greatest threat.

I do not know where your getting your info....but its really a low chance....so B,

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