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In what year were computers installed in vehicles?
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In what year were computers installed in vehicles?


It was closer to the early 80's. EMC computers were first mounted under the hood near the engine. This caused many failures from heat making the computers malfunction. They were later moved inside the car, normally on the passenger side under the dash or the right kick panel.

The 70's had a few on non US built cars, and the 80's in most production American Cars. Most started in California and states with strict Emission Control laws.

Frankie Coletta
That's easy. 1981.

started in the 70's

Computers known as (ECM) started in 1980 1/2 on vehicles.

an engine control module in the 70's. big bulky looking jobbers. now there's a module for every door, every component, the '09's can have upwards of 50 modules. ask gm about the tahoe 2-mode hybrid, how many modules does it have?!

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