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Is it an offence to block someones driveway especially when a vehicle is parked there?
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Is it an offence to block someones driveway especially when a vehicle is parked there?


Simple answer...Yes

Nosey parker
YES. The parked vehicle is causing an obstruction.

You cannot legally park to block someone elses right of entry or exit to there garage or drive.

By parking, yes.
but setting down a passenger or delivering a letter,no.

It's all down to common sense. Something sometimes missing when people are car fiends !!

Cloudcity CC
Its illegal and you could have them towed if they were there long enough.

Yes and I believe that you have the right to have it towed. At least I would try...

Of course it is, get on to the local P.C. Plod.

If the offending vehicle is parked on the highway blocking the entrance then yes it is an obstruction of the highway.

If you parked across my driveway, let's just say your car will have moved by the time you got back to it.

Yes, emphatically. You do not know who lives in the house and it could be a doctor who needs to get out for an emergency or someone else in a lifesaving job. It is just plain bad manners to block off someone's driveway where there is a car on it at the time or not.

What kind of a**hole would do a thing like that?

That car can be towed. You are not allowed to park in front of a separated curb. I'd be worried about the owner. You might find four sliced tires.

Yes and is really inconsiderate, if you do you should get your car towed

theresa c

Nutty Girl
yes and its rude

Paul C
It is an offence to park across a dropped curb, simple as that.

If it isn't it ought to be!

The Tank
It is an offence to obstruct someone's legal access and exit from their property. You can't be too rigid about it though. If the driveway is empty and you arrive home then you'll have to park elsewhere and wait a 'reasonable' time for the obstructing vehicle to move.

Whether the police will take action or not depends on how long the obstructing vehicle has been there. They can't do anything if it's gone by the time they arrive.

You must not place objects in the road to 'reserve' your access. Some people put cones or wheely bins outside their drive to stop others parking there. This is also an offence, called obstructing the public highway. The police always take a very dim view of this and won't accept "keeping my drive clear" as an excuse.

The Mr. Pine
You can get ticket for that.

Now come on. What do YOU think?

If someone comes out of their driveway, they are "going about their lawful business". If you prevent them from doing that, that's "obstruction", which is an offence (quite apart from any motoring laws).


Steven C
yes it is and some people do not take kindly to it

the bad seed
yes, even if it's your own driveway..
i once got a ticket for blocking my driveway,
in front of my house that i own and live in !

In the UK, technically unless there are double yellows saying you can't park there then no, however It is kind of an unspoken commandment that you don't do it.
People have blocked my driveway before without taking heed of the signs saying that offending vehicles will be moved (note - not RE-moved) and also without noting that I have a large 4 wheel drive vehicle with big strong bull bars on the front parked there.
The offending vehicles don't stay where they were left for long...

The point being that I often leave for work in the morning at 4am and if some pr*ck has blocked my drive then I have no intention of waking all my neighbours trying to find who owns the car.

Funny Lad
i believe that it is just politeness that you don't park in front of a drive way,

Not unless there are double yellows - driveways work on a courtesy basis. If someone is disabled with a drive they will usually have a pole or a parking space marked officially by the council. Its just bad manners basically!

I have asked people and left notes on their cars not to block the stairs leading into my house but they ignore it. Also I did it again last night and she called all of her friends and they all came down and parked in front of my house including the steps and the one car is still in front of my steps this morning

I have asked people and left notes on their cars not to block the stairs leading into my house but they ignore it. Also I did it again last night and she called all of her friends and they all came down and parked in front of my house including the steps and the one car is still in front of my steps this morning

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