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Is it dangerous when wind blows around your light-weight car on the highway?
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Is it dangerous when wind blows around your light-weight car on the highway?

Is it just a feeling when your car sways while on the highway, or can your car actually be blown around?


If it's pushing you around more than you can control, yeah. If it just moves you a bit, it's OK. Be sure your tires and brakes are in good shape, though. A blowout while you're being pushed around would ruin your day.

No it isn't dangerous. In fact the more wind and the more your blown around the safer it is, moron.

YES it is dangerous. YES your car is REALLY being blown to a degree. If you can control the car then you are ok, but really be careful. I have a light car and have felt my car being moved. I still had control of it, but those strong winds in a light car aren't safe.

Lover not a Fighter
Yes. Slow down or just pull over until the wind dies down. Cars are designed to take head-on winds to over 100 mph. But it is NOT design for heavy cross winds.

Rarely cars do flip over. But most likely the car will lose traction and skid or slide.

Good Luck...

Of Course! You can be blown off the road, or overcorrect and lose control. Pull over til it dies down or SLOW DOWN!

I have always said this about small cars especially the smart car and yes its very dangerous and you should pull over and stop if the wind is blowing to hard……

Texas Underdog
Yes, Definately can be Dangerous.

Cars are aerodynamically designed now days and you compensate for windshear even though yo may have to drive a little slower. You may like to take another answerers idea of pulling over and hope you don;'t get a week of strong wind but I really doubt that. I'm not saying gale force winds should be an occasion for sight-seeing as in a violent thunderstorm. Car makers wouldnt be allowed to produce cars that can be picked up by normal weather and flipped. I drove all the way from Queensland to Melbourne on the hiway in the middle of the night in a thunderstorm at normal speed in a ford festiva quite confidently.
Some sections of hiways have natural wind sheer most of the time when they funnel wind.
Basically no, wind sheer is a natural occurance and your car should be designed to handle it. Usually if someone flips a car, there are other factors as well as the wind sheer. Fatigue and wind sheer do not mix. You adjust and compensate for wind sheer as you drive and fatigue decreases your reactibility.
The other thing that can happen in wind in any car, as shown in the Bathurst 1000 car race in Australia is when one of the cars took a dip to fast and got airborne. In this case the car was lifted from underneath and flipped killing the driver.
As I said, the car is aerodynamic. This however that's from the top. Underneath is flat and makes a good frisbee type surface.
Besides most cars today are put through wind tunnel testing as part of the design process just as crash tests. So have no fear about driving a small car in the wind so long as youre not doing anything stupid and you feel competant enough to drive in these conditions. Youre safer in your small car than in a MPV.

My research is shown below.

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