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Is it ever actually against the law to use the 'high beam' or 'bright lights' in your car?
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Is it ever actually against the law to use the 'high beam' or 'bright lights' in your car?

For instance, I feel sometimes I have to use them because its raining like hell, and its dark, and everyone else is using them. Or sometimes I just turn mine on because everyone else on the road has theirs on, and if I dont put mine on I almost cant see! But my mom just told me I can get a ticket and its against the law to use bright lights except out in the country where there are no street lights, is that true???
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Thanks to everyone who responded!


high beam ONLY when cars are not coming at you in the opposite direction

You can get a ticket for Failure to Dim.

This only applies to facing oncoming traffic, or following close to a vehicle with high beams on.

Just dim your lights as soon as you face an oncoming car, or when you come up behind a car.

It's always right when Mon has the good reply. Every state has a ruling on how many feet are allowed when approaching a vehicle when high beams are in use and have to be lowered to low beam (approximately 500 feet). I use the method of, when driving with high beams in use, when I see the approaching headlights of a vehicle, I automatically drop to low beam, and when that vehicle has passed and there is no other approaching vehicle, return to high beam.

Josh M
In the state of FL, you have to dim your lights within 500 ft of an oncoming vehicle and within 300 ft behind a vehicle.

Also, in the rain and fog, you should only use LOW-BEAM lights. High beams just reflect off of the water droplets in the fog and make it even harder to see.

It is also a matter of common sense. Would you like to have a car near you where the driver is temporarily blinded by your headlights?

Also, how can you really tell if others are using their bright lights?

Isaac v
its illegal to use them anytime u see any vehicle or motocycle beam of light comming at u.if they are driving with the highbeams on you can flash your high beams to make them aware of the situation.

it is illegal to leave them on for a long period of time. they blind people. there are designated times when you could use them, like when ur on a mountain pass and cant see past the turn, etc. if its raining like hell, high beams usually make things worse. you should get fog lights for that. yeah, u could get a ticket.

The Chosen One
ive heard its illegal to use fog lights when obviously theres no fog. Although i think it is illegal to use high beams as you may blind other drivers! although i kno what you mean, im pretty sure loads of ppl use them all the time so why cant we!!!.....................best bet is to only use them if your having difficulty seeing!.....could save your life!

your to turn them off when other cars are commig at you or they pass you

I don't know of any law that says that you have to be in the country to use high beams. Putting your high beams on just because everyone else has them on doesn't help either and technically 'flashing' the other car is supposedly a 'no-no' but it usually will alert the driver that their high beams are on and they are blinding everyone. Some people might not have their high beams on, their lights are not adjusted correctly to begin with. New headlights are typically brighter too.

I don't know if it is against the law to use your high beams and not dim them for oncoming traffic. I know that I usually use my highbeams at night when distance between cars allows me to. I don't want to blind the driver in front of me or the oncoming traffic. Per the WA state drivers guide states the following:

Use Your Lights

By law, your vehicle’s headlights must be turned on
from a half hour after sunset until a half hour before
sunrise. Lights must also be on any time conditions make it
difficult to see people or other vehicles. Here are some things you can do that will help you see better:

• Use your high beams whenever there are no
oncoming vehicles. High beams let you see twice as
far as low beams. It is important to use high beams
on unfamiliar roads, in construction areas, or where
there may be people along the side of the road.

• Dim your high beams whenever you come within 500
feet of an oncoming vehicle.

• Use your low beams when following 300 feet or less
behind another vehicle.

• Use the low beams in fog or when it is snowing or
raining hard. Light from high beams will reflect back,
causing glare and making it more difficult to see
ahead. Some vehicles have fog lights that you should
also use under these conditions.

If a vehicle comes toward you with high beams on, look
away from the headlights and toward the right side of the
road until the car has passed. This will keep you from being
blinded by the other vehicle’s headlights and allow you to see enough of the edge of the road to stay on course. Do not try to “get back” at the other driver by keeping your bright
lights on. If you do, both of you may be blinded.

Next time you see your local law enforcement at your local coffee shop, ask them what the rules are.

Main beam head lights are for when you are driveing. If there is a vehicle comeing towards you you dip them, and if you are sitting behind another car you dip them. These are the two laws regarding them

You often don't need them if there are street lights, but there is nothing illegal about useing them in these situations.

why are police light,when driveing behind you,look to me,that they are on FULL BEAM,all the time? i thought i had a nutter behind me,driveing with his full beam on.so i ingrease my speed abit,to get away from the dazzil of his light,then slow down,still he came closer again,his lights was so bright,so i up my speed,to get away from those bright lights,then what happen??? his blue lights come on,pulls over,he then tell me my speed was 78 miles a hour,on a duel/carrway. i got a tiket for speeding,ALL BECAUSE THOSE LIGHT WHERE SO BRITE,AND i was trying to get out of the way of them bright light, any help what i should do?

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