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Is it illegal to block a sidewalk when parked in your own driveway?
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Is it illegal to block a sidewalk when parked in your own driveway?

Also, who determines this matter? Can the HOA levy fines against the homeowner if this situation is not specifically called out in the by-laws? Is this a city, county or state ruling?

I live in Florida


yes, they can call the police and they can give you a ticket for illegally parking across your sidewalk , actually it's not your sidewalk, the property line starts behind it. It belongs to the city or county in most states :(

would you park blocking the traffic in the street, well it's the same thing, you are blocking the flow of pedestrian traffic and it doesn't matter if you are in a HOA or not. Anybody using the sidewalk can call in a complaint and have a officer there in minutes, they are really sensitive to the handicaped :)

Property Surveyor for 33 years

HOA's seem to think they are the ruers of the neighborhood, I hate them. Fight them to the death.

if the municiple government want's to bother about it they might ticket you. most communities are too busy to send a cop out there to do that.

it varies city to city.

tell the HOA to go pi$$ up a rope.

I live in Florida also. (Sarasota county.) The driveway is yours. The sidewalk is public property. There is actually a federal law! (Takes precedence over lower laws except in the matter of the fine, which is up to the local authorities as to the amount.) It's called impeding the right of way. It's buried someplace in the DOT laws I had to learn as a semi driver.

Here is what is funny about this law. You live in the house serviced by the driveway, and are not blocking the street, but the sidewalk. I can park a semi just about anyplace but certain major cities, blocking the street, and they can't do anything if I am making a delivery. If I am making a delivery, giving me a hassle would come under restriction of commerce.

The major cities get a break citing the same law right back at them. My blocking the street keeps a larger amount of people from getting on with their "commerce", resulting in loss of productivity, and thus taxes the city makes. A famous man once said: "The Law is an ***", I believe it was Daniel Webster. Whoever it was, I agree with him.

In some towns, yes. Local law. Not state or Federal. You would have to check with your local jurisdiction.

If you live within a Homeowners Association, and the streets are private, not city or state controlled, whether or not it is illegal would be up to the Association by-laws. I would say if there is not anything listed in the by-laws then the HOA would have a hard time calling it illegal. If however the streets are city or state controlled, then you might have to abide by those jurisdictions and they might say that it is illegal to block a sidewalk.

Aaron A
I'm not sure if it is illegal it is more of a common courtesy. I mean think about it some little kid is riding down the sidewalk on a bike and a car is blocking it then they swerve to go around the car and go out in to the road and get hit by a car. That would wager on the conscious a long time

Common Sense
Yes, it probably is illegal...
It can be governed by any one of the groups you mentioned...

Angel Wings
You obviously do not have any consideration for sidewalk users.
your vehicle should be inside your property line, or on the road.

tim s
would you like to walk down a sidewalk and have a car block your way?

I'm a crazy rabbit squirrel!
Usually the sidewalk belongs to the city or municipality.
You would probably be liable if you force pedestrians into traffic.
If there is a death, it could be manslaughter.
Prison time.

You are blocking a public thoroughfare. You can get a ticket. I'd advise you to move your car or park further in. If it gets damaged you can't do anything about it because it was on city land.

Firecracker .
Edselman is not quite right. While the actual property line may extend to the center of the street, the roadway and the sidewalk are in a "right of way" controlled by the town, city, etc. It is usually against the law to block the right of way, in this case, the pedestrians.
I live in NH. Some time ago, my van was sticking out of my driveway, blocking the sidewalk. The city police had it towed immediately. No ticket, no chance to move it, TOWED.

big win
its rude to block the sidewalk. think about the handcap, old people, children and mothers w/ strollers.what ur doin is a major pet peev of mine. please b considerate of others. u should b ticketed

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