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Is it illegal to drive with a broken wing mirror?
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Is it illegal to drive with a broken wing mirror?

on the drivers side.


Yes, for the driver's side. But for the passenger's side, as long as it is not hanging and could cause damage to another driver or pedestrian on the road if it should fall off or if it sticks out too far, it is not a requirement however.

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you know i dont think it is.....i think as long as you have 2 mirrors on your car you can get away with it i never got busted! although i dont think it is advisable to just leave it. i would get it sorted asap! xx

Ricky J.
"if so equipped, must be in working order"

Yes, you are required two have at least two mirrors. One on the drivers side and either a rear view or passenger side mirror.

Ed F
Wing mirrors were optional equipment on some cars years ago. If the mirror is broken you must get it fixed to pass inspection. BUT if you take the mirror off the car then there is nothing to fix and nothing to inspect.

angus r
no,but the car wont pass its mot unless its fixed

it depends on what state you live in and how tough the officer can be

no , wing mirror's are an extra

I'm guessing you are driving a big rig, and the wing mirror is a extra mirror attached to your main mirror, i dont think it is illegal, but if the mirror is caught broken, you may get a fine or something, i would just remove it till you get another one

luke c
dont think u need em

Unfortunately, when stopped by the road fuzz, almost anything which is wrong with your vehicle can be said to be illegal, including a broken wing mirror. The fuzz are supposed to give you time to fix this by the way, and usually give you a 'producer', that is, about a week to go to a Police station near you and show them your documents and the fixed item. What they're really looking for is uninsured drivers and drivers without a full UK license. They're also going to check tyres. Bald tyres get you a massive fine and points.

It is illegal to drive without one on the drivers side, yes. I think its illegal now to drive with even the passenger side one broken.

just drive faster than everyone else on the road.....easy.

yeah so u need to get it done, go to the scrap yard and find one if its too much for you

freddy the newf
If it's not then it should be.

Ryan T
if you are in the United States it is illegal. the passenger side mirror doesnt matter. but you MUST have the driver side exterior and a rearview mirror. i dunno about anywhere else. good luck!

Arwen M
Yes, it is. If it is fitted to the car then it is illegal to drive without it working correctly (here I'm talking about when wing mirrors didn't use to be on the passanger side, in a car like that not to have one isn't illegal but if one was fitted when the car was built then it is).

sure is hurryy get it fixed ! lol

Having resided in several states and only juding by that fact: Every state I have resided in, the driver mirroe is a requirement. The passenger mirror is optional but driver is required.

If it isn't it should be...how can yer tell whats passing without it?

To fit it you can duct tape a hand held mirror to the old one. Yes you need a drivers side mirror.

Depends on the specific law for your area, but usually yes, it is.

Even more so if you have tinted windows, since most states have a law that says something on the order of "If the back window is tinted, you must have 2 outside mirrors."

Driver's side yes, passenger side no - these were acutally only added for cosmetic reasons because cars looked funny with only the driver's side one.

Daniel M
obligatary mirrors are o/s and rear view or n/s and o/s if rear view is damaged


Miss Strong minded
it is illegal to drive with broken wing mirrors , you can be stopped and fined.
Also it won't pass it's MOT

Elmar fud
it is illegal to drive with a broken drivers side mirror not a passengers side.

bad boy for life
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

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