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Is it illegal to have an extra child in the back seat of the car?
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Is it illegal to have an extra child in the back seat of the car?

School holidays are approaching and I always like to take the kids out and about, the trouble I have is - friends. If we go somewhere and the child's friends are there they always ask to bring them home again but I'm not sure of the legalities regarding 4 kids in the 3 seats. I would make sure that the children were sharing a seatbelt so they were all restraint. Am I allowed to do this?


Baby Kiraaa
you need 1 seat belt per child

brian t
Two points that you need to note. A five seat car is INSURED for five. any more than this in the car and you can be done for breaking the insurance regulations.

Also, two kids sharing a seatbelt is dangerous.

You cannot do this the laws for everywhere is that the number of people that can ride in a vehicle must equal the number of seat-belts in the vehicle.

think about that again three seat belts four kids should be all you need to know no seat belt no kid

esmerelda v
You want to carry 6 people in a vehicle insured for 5 and you want 2 kids to share a single seatbelt.

Both of these are illegal.

Yes! Not only is sharing a seatbelt illegal but it is extremely dangerous and can cause more injuries in the event of an accident.

Vince M
Sharing a seat belt is dangerous and illegal.

Gemini DJ
Vehicle Construction and Use regulations apply.

If there are three seats, it is intended for only three people to sit on.

Child car seats must be fitted to one car seat, and the same principal applies.

It is ilegal by all means.

Chris A
no it would be totally illegal if your caught and being that they're kids and obviously under 14 (if they are) then its you who'll get the full responsibility for their safety and to make sure they're wearing their seatbelt, otherwise either duck one of them down the whole time or get a 7 seater estate or summin

It varies from place to place. Some places anyone that has a seat belt has to be wearing it, but that extra passengers are exempt. While in other places you cannot carry extra passengers at all. You'd be better off to check with your local police for the specifics in you area.

yes it is illegal but if they duck down who cares lol , what the police dont know cant hurt them

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