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Is it illegal to have different tyre sizes on a car?
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Is it illegal to have different tyre sizes on a car?

My front tyres are 195/65/14,the rear 195/60/14?



Rock Firestorm
Not the "tyre" guy again.

What the heck is a "tyre?" Please explain.

perfectly legal, as long as both tyres on the same axle are the same size, front and rear can be different.

Many cars do have different sized wheels/tyres front and back, usually larger on the rear but they are designed for that purpose.

Your car is designed in a specific way, and the manufacturer will specify tyre sizes. In practice, you probably won't notice any difference, but if you were to be involved in an accident, an insurance assessor or VOSA inspector would take a very dim view of sifferent tyre sizes.
You'll also have different handling characteristics, braking (especially ABS systems) will certainly be affected, your speedometer may read incorrectly.
Just fit the correct sized tyres.

Michael H
Gosh, all those people who say its illegal are just guessing

its perfectly legal

my front are 235/40 Zr 19 and my rear are 275/35 ZR19 and that is the standard fitment from the manufacturer,

Yes its legal but it will affect the overall vehicles handling..

Rapid Fire
Take a look at a Corvette. Two different size tires as the roll out the factory door. LEGAL!

I think it would feel like I was walking with one foot off the curb, or wearing one high heel shoe and one flat.

depends where you live its legal in australia but not in Europe
"you got them the wrong way round mate you meant to put the bigs on the back"

its illegal to put odd sizes on a car... but worse still, if you have a crash?... one of the 1st things the law will look for is safety... plus your insurance wont be happy that you've messed about with the manufacturers specifications...

would be better swapping front to back really, not ideal though!

blackpool lass
hiya, yes it is illegal.

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