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Is it illegal to not have your headlights on when its raining during the day?
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Is it illegal to not have your headlights on when its raining during the day?

i live in CA, and i never drive with my headlights on whenever its daytime, even if its raining. my friend says its illegal. is it really? IM CONFUSED! ive never been pulled over, so.......


Vince M
Last year, California enacted a new law that requires the headlight be turned on whenever the wipers are running.

California law requires headlight use in the rain, even during daytime use....

richard b
i think most states require the use of headlights during the day when rain or snow hits. there are even states that require that you have your headlights on when using your windshield wipers, west virginia is one such state.

my state requires if you have your windshield wipers on
you must have your lights on

Around here they say if you need windshield wipers on, you need lights. They can pull you over if you don't have lights on.
What would be the point? Wouldn't you want to be more visible in pouring down rain?

Yes It is illegal if you don't have your headlights on during rain! Read your DMV book again! Just cause you never been pulled over for it doesn't make it ok.

Most states require lights on if the wipers are on. Call your state police to make sure about your state.

I know it is illegal in Illinois not to have them on when it is raining; but that being said I have never heard of anyone complaining about repercussions from law enforcement for the offense. I know that some of the newer models of vehicles come equipped with sensors to automatically turn headlights on during conditions of low light.
This all being said this is probably a law left up to the states. I would have to say that a majority, if not all of them have a law of some type concerning this.

Colin F
I know it is illegal in Maryland, not sure about CA or if its a national thing. google "CA raining headlights laws" or something similar for more info.

-You must turn on your headlights when you are using your windshield wipers.

-When driving you must turn on your headlights from sunset to sunrise.
-You must turn on your headlights at other times when you cannot see persons or vehicles on the highway clearly at a distance of 1,000 feet or less.

-You should not drive with only parking lights on because parking lights denote a parked car.

-Use low beams when approaching or closely following other vehicles. Also use low beams where there are streetlights and in fog.

-Use high beams in open country to see persons or vehicles ahead. Even with high beams, speed should be lower than by day.

-You must use high beams whenever needed to see persons or vehicles ahead of you. Be aware you must:
-Change to low beam at least 500 feet before meeting oncoming vehicles.
-Change to low beam when following a vehicle at a distance of 300 feet or less.

Ed P
For years Greyhound Bus line drive with head lites on 24/7 They cut day time accidents by 23% You must make your self seen by others.Young Drivers Of Canada teaches this.

its legal

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