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Is it illegal to "brake check" someone? cop?
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Is it illegal to "brake check" someone? cop?

if they hit you is it still there fault?


I don't think it's illegal. It's necessary sometimes to give the tailgater a message. I wouldn't brake for too hard or too long, though, as I wouldn't want to get hit! If I can, I'd rather change lanes and let the tailgater pass. I don't like crazies behind me on the road!

And, NEVER brake check a cop! If he's tailgating you, there's a reason, so get out of his way. If you're lucky, he will keep on moving (meaning he's after someone else, not you).

Scorpio Rising
I dont think it is illegal to brake check someone, I'm 95% sure that it's not.
I'm 100% sure that if they hit you,it is their fault. they must travel a safe distance (3 seconds or more) behind you, with enough reaction time to stop if need be. I brake-check people everytime they ride my bumper! if they hit you & say anything....then you can just say you we're trying to avoid hitting an animal, or a pot-hole or the sun was in your eyes. something that they cant argue when the police come. but regardless your not in trouble,they are!

Jorge W
Brake checking is illegal almost anywhere... if the person that hit you can prove you did it. You are creating a hazardous situation by brake checking.... Brake checking a cop?? that is the best way to get a ticket. Imagine if a cop was checking your plates because they "suspected" your vehicle was suspicious for some reason. Now they are about ready to leave you alone (becasue by running your plates, they figured your car wasn't they one they were looking for) and then you break check them... guess whos getting a ticket?? they can get you for anything from "improper braking" to "wreckless operation"

Does it matter when there's a bumper through your back window?

Hell no its not illegal! its illegal for them t be tail gating you. I'll break check anyone and everyone who is riding too close to my Scion a**. And if they rear end you it is thier fault, esp when you break check them cuz thats ike a warning to them to back up

lmao no its not, i asked a cop in highschool about that before

In Oregon it is considered "road rage" under the road rage laws. That's why you always claim a cat or raccoon ran out in front of you. Gets you off the hook every time.

Let me put it this way; Years ago, a woman was tired of another woman riding her rear. She hit her breaks, the woman behind her hit her. The woman who hit her, She was pregnant. Lost the baby due to this. The woman who hit her breaks was charged with involuntary manslaughter. This happened in Oregon. Now let me ask you, was this action worth it.

The person who rear ends is always at fault but break checking is just plain stupid. The other party would have grounds to contest should you suffer injuries as there are people who set traps doing this sort of thing.

If someone is on your tail, pull over and let them by. Best way to deal with it.

no it would become your fault because you had no reason to stop. So now if you said a cat ran infront of you or something like that then it might not be but you need to make sure can keep up that lie so you can get out of it

Tony The Sapper
Well if they into you when they were on an emergency call then it is your fault no matter how fast he was going,because when the flashing lights are on they can drive anywhere any speed anytime, because somebody be getting killed.
But if it is a green light you go and he randomly starts going then it is his fault you can have an investigation and brake check.

the more people hit their brakes and slow down the closer i follow. the whole point of 'tailgating' isn't to be rude.. it's just a way of saying 'hey, i think u're going too slow. please let me by.' going slow is what causes tailgating. slowing down won't help the situation. what would help is speeding up or somehow trying to help the follower get by you.

haha its never your fault. you mean when the cops checking your liscence ;) hahah

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