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Is it illegal to remove the doors on a truck in North Carolina and drive around with them off?
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Is it illegal to remove the doors on a truck in North Carolina and drive around with them off?


It would be legal in most states if you had a seat belt on, a side mirror that was not attached to the door you removed. It would be no different than early Jeeps with no side doors.

no its not look at jeeps

Spaghetti MY
not if you need to go really badly !!!

On public roads, you are required to have doors. There are exceptions for certain types of equipment (package trucks, construction equipment). However, if this is a pickup and you're a regular citizen, you have to have doors on public roads.

Uncle Red
Doors do nothing but keep the bugs and burgulars out. Take 'em off man. Jeeps are allowed to do it, I don't see why just because you have the doors you need to have them on....

Just one thing......Fasten you seat belt...and hang on... :-)

and what is your point in doing this? do you have a death wish for yourself?

while Jeeps are made to remove the doors and it's acceptable to do so while driving, I think you would not be legal doing the same in a truck.

A Jeep has reinforcement in the frame to allow door removal. A regular truck does not. It's not made to drive without the doors.

If you want the right answer, contact your sherriff's department and ask them. I'm sure they can find out for you.

No. I live in NC and a good friend of mine had a jeep without the doors on it. It was pretty sweet. And it was legal. His dad was sherriff too so I think he would definately obey the law.

Why would you want to do that? I don't know if it's illegal, but it wouldn't be very smart to make hard right turns if you do.

OMG, why would you want to do that?

I think it's illegal in all states plus it's unsafe.

rebel g
That would be illegal anywhere. HUGE safety issues.

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