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Is it illegal to reverse onto a SIDE road (not a main road) from a driveway?
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Is it illegal to reverse onto a SIDE road (not a main road) from a driveway?

I live on the corner of a side road and a main road. My drive is about 10 yrds from the end of the road. The end of the road is the left in this (bad) drawing:

-------- road
--------------, drive ,---

I have always reversed out to the left but kept to the side of the road nearest my house even tho the traffic is flowing the opposite way. The reason for this is that i can see all the way down my road for any cars coming up it and i can reverse out onto the road when it is clear and safe and then i can wait until it is clear on the other side of the road and i can move off safely. I did this exact thing (after having done this for nearly 10yrs) when a car came round the corner at speed (turning to its left) and hit me from behind. I had reversed out, stopped & was in the process of changing into first gear to move off when he took a left and came over the hazard lines in the middle of the road and hit me from behind. Now he says it's my fault
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Thanks for your replies guys. The reason I don't reverse into my drive is because if I turn into my road & then position to reverse into my drive there is always someone who will drive right up behind me preventing me from reversing in. Also, there are usually cars coming up my road trying to get onto the main road, so while i'm waiting for them to get onto the main road other cars are trying to get into my road & queues start to build up since some cars can't get out & others can't get into my road. If I just drive in it's easier & safer for me to get in. When I reverse out I can see all the way down my road & I can reverse into the road safely. Even though I would be facing oncoming traffic, the cars coming up my road have plenty of time & space to see me and if i keep close to the kerb, they can pass quite easily. If I had reversed onto the road & was on the left side of the road & then the car hit me from behind i could understand,but he crossed the lines in the middle of the road!


This driver is clearly in the wrong. He was coming too fast and couldn't stop in time to prevent running into you.it is also obvious that he is going to blame you but as he hit you from behind he is to blame for the accident. It is common sense in driving that you corner with care because until you have a full view of the road you are turning into you do not know what is in front of you. He is guilty of driving without due care and attention, and I hope you sue the pants off him.

no its not, i would reverse into your drive as its safer

police say its the driver behind's fault

if he hit you in the back then it is his fault lack of attention (UK) why do you reverse into a road i lived in the same situation and my wife used to drive the car up the drive late at night i used to turn it round so she could just drive out makes life so much easier

I don't think it's illegal, no. The HC says you shouldn't reverse into a major road (the side road is major to your driveway), so that was technically wrong, and in most cases is asking for trouble.

But the way you describe it, you were stationary when the car came round the corner - and you can't cause a collision when you're not moving. After all, all he had to do was stop, and there'd have been no accident.

In a situation like this, I would always reverse into your drive so you drive out.
This way you only have to put the bonnet of the car into the road to see. When you reverse, two thirds of your car are in the road before you can see anything. The highway code in a lot of instances is only a guide.
Despite the fact that you have been doing this for ten years without problem, does not make it right and if you are asking this question, you know it is a safety issue.
It is stupid for any car driver to take a blind corner at speed because you can't see around the bend. I came into the village where I live to find a twit had parked on a blind bend and had I been going faster, I would have hit it.
This is one situation that both of you are fault.

It is PERFECTLY LEGAL to reverse in and out of your driveway regardless of the sort of road it is (main or side road).

The other driver was completely at fault - he/she was completely in the wrong, and from what you say was driving without due care and attention - when you are driving you have to be CONSTANTLY viligant as to what is going on left, right, forwards and behind you AND completely slow down when you are going round bends/corners.

if you were already out of your driveway and were obviously in his Field of vision sitting there, in the road, He should by law , have had complete control over his vehicle, and should have been paying attention enough to see your car and avoid making that left turn, and hitting your car. He hit you in the rear. So he is at fault.

I don't think it's illegal, no. The HC says you shouldn't reverse into a major road (the side road is major to your driveway), so that was technically wrong, and in most cases is asking for trouble.

But the way you describe it, you were stationary when the car came round the corner - and you can't cause a collision when you're not moving. After all, all he had to do was stop, and there'd have been no accident.

was your vehicle stationary at the time if so then you are completely within the law but i think it will be your word against his and could end up both insurers paying out on a knock for knock basis.
pehaps in the future it would be better to reverse into your drive.

you live in U.K they always drive up behind you when you want
to back up "reverse"

Robert S
In the UK the Highway Code is, in most places, advisory. Contravening any advice it gives is not an offence automatically. However, if you contravene advice from it and either cause danger to other road users or, indeed, have an accident, the fact that you ignored advice contained in the HC could be used as evidence against you.

In the US, the code varies state by state.



If you were on reverse gear when the collision happened or reversed fast without looking giving the other driver no time to react, it will be your fault (if the other driver can prove it or you admit it). If you were stationary, then it is the other driver's fault for not keeping a safe distance to stop. Most likely scenario is it will be shared guilt unless one party admits to be in the wrong.

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