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Is it illegal to use a car seat in a single cab pickup?
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Is it illegal to use a car seat in a single cab pickup?

I'm not positive but I think it's illegal to install an infant car seat in the front seat. So if the vehicle doesn't have a back seat, is it illegal to use it? If it makes a difference I live in Minnesota, the truck is a 98 Silverado, no airbags that I know of. Anyone know?


It is not illegal to put an infant car seat in the front seat., but a '98 truck likely has driver and passenger side airbags, if it goes off it could injure the child. Newer trucks have a switch to shut off the passenger airbags. Perhaps you should consider trading up.

It would be much more illegal not to. It's not illegal here in Texas, but I'm not positive about there.

Ricky J.
It's natural to worry but you don't have to. Carseat is better than no carseat. Just srtap it in good and solid and shut off the airbag and you're golden from a legal standpoint. Yeah there are lots of studies that say all different kinds of ways to secure your kids but the fact is that there are so many different ways to crash and get injured that it all boils down to wether or not the carseat is secured firmly. After that we can only hope for the best.

gun man
no,it is legal
shut off any airbage

All trucks with passenger airbags have a shut off... they are sometimes located in the glove box but check that specific truck....
using a car seat in the front is ONLY legal in trucks for that very reason... you must turn the airbags (if equipped) off then it is safe.

Ben H
I'm sure it's legal. But use the switch on the dash to shut off the right side airbag, so it won't hurt your child in an accident. The switch has a keyhole for the ignition key in the dash.

not that im aware of.
the baby should be facing the opposite way of the windshield.
if a toddler then a full harness is a good. seat belt must be very snug in the seat. when you put the seat belt through the back and attach it to the clip make sure to pull the belt tight with no slack left.

No it's not illegal I have drivin my son home from the hospital in one and as long as the airbag is off your baby will be safe. Hope this hlps you.LATER

It is not illegal, as long as you have the airbag off on the passenger side and that the car seat is properly fastened in w/ the seat belt.

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