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Is it legal to drive a car that's missing the driver's side rearview mirror?
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Is it legal to drive a car that's missing the driver's side rearview mirror?

Is it legal to drive a car that's missing the driver's side rearview mirror? Like if the mirror got broken off?


The left side mirror is mandatory as well as the windshield one.

I'd think you would want to get it fixed. I don't know if it's exactly illegal, but you would probably get pulled over for it.

peter g
Not only is it illegal, its silly as well.

yes. it's one of the most important parts of a safe car. i reccomend you get that fixed asap.


Mr Haun
I think many juristictions would issue you a "fix a ticket", a small fee and or short term requirement forcing you to fix it. Mirror is a MAJOR safety detail

Definately not the best recipe to be rolling around with illegal stuff on ya il say that much.

no its illegal

but not if you don't get caught

I believe that U.S. federal law mandates that you must have a driver's side rear view mirror. You didn't state where you live. This is an international website so telling where you are it very important for some questions.

it is illegal to drive this vehicle till it has been fixed.

No, driving without one of the mirrors is completely illegal.

Yes and No...................it depends on where you live for example in Texas you only need the rear-view mirror to drive and you dont need either the right or left side mirrors, best to call your department of motor vehicles office and ask or even the police department.

Derek S
No, it's illegal.

Diana V
No just as long as you have the mirror in the middle of the windshield .... and if it is the opposite and the mirror on the windshield is broken then the same goes it is ok just as long as you have both side mirrors such as one on each side ... I hope this helps you please let me know ...

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