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Is it legal to only have a driver's side mirror?
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Is it legal to only have a driver's side mirror?

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I live in Washington State


dodge man
yes it is,your only required to have the rear view mirror and one side mirror in most states,but check your local laws on this also,good luck on it.

Fred C
Assuming you have sight in both eyes, yes. Smart? Well, that is another story. Without a passenger side exterior mirror, you have a HUGE blind spot on that side. I have been driving for 42 years, and only had one car without a passenger side mirror. I put one on the 2nd day I owned it.

frank m
No. You must have a rear view mirror and a drivers side mirror. If you do not have a rear view mirror you must have both a right side view mirror and a left side view mirror. You must have two mirrors, one of which must be a left side rear view mirror.

I know the law here in michigan is "2 total mirrors" that can be a combination of both side mirrors, or 1 side mirror, and the rear-view mirror.

Depending on the age of the car, Yes. many cars prior to the mid 70's only had a rear view and drivers side mirror. In fact up until 1966, drivers side mirrors where an option on just about every car.

As long as there is a back window and a windshield mounted rearview mirror, it is leagal to only have a drivers side exterior rearview mirror. If the passenger side mirror is broken, but still on the vehicle, it must be removed completely to be legal.

It depends on the state, what, no in the car rear view mirror?

My 66vette only came with a drivers side mirror.

Tom B
what yr, make, model, or did you just git a ticket for not having a rt on your peterbuilt

In IN yes.

I don't have side mirrors on my Jeep. never had any problems. I think laws vary in different states.

Sako Tiberious
Yes. Many cars I have owned only had one on the drivers side. Passenger side mirror is useless anyway.

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