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Is it possible for someone to cut one of your brake lines?
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Is it possible for someone to cut one of your brake lines?

my car is leaking a clear oily like fluid by the front tire. I am still able to drive, what else could it be??


Get it fixed, you probably still have brake fluid left but, that is more than likely what it is, it will run out! May be loose! I hope no one would wat nt to do that to you, it is possible to just loosen it!

It might be brake fluid, but if you lose a lot of brake fluid, your BRAKES WON'T WORK! I mean, you won't be able to stop.....and it is not a good feeling!

Go get this checked out before somebody gets hurt!

And yes, it IS possible for somebody to cut your brake line.....Somebody did it to me once, and I couldn't stop.

Thomas S
Yes it is possible, do you have enemies? If it is by the front tire it may be the flexable line leaking. That goes from your brake cylinder to the frame. It may be the wheel cylinder itself. Check your the little tank above your master cylinder to see if that is low on fluid. Your owners manual will tell you how to do that. Power steering fluid is also clear. If you still drive the car the hole has to be small. Thomas S.

If you suspect that brake fluid leaking, have your car towed to the service station, once the brake fluid will leak out, you won't have any brakes. The same goes for power steering fluid (it also can leak close to the front tires) - if it leaks out, you will have no power steering assist.

Tub T (Mike Blanche)
If it is actually oily, and is just to the inside of your tire, and very near the tire, it could be brake fluid. It could also be power steering fluid.

But if it is on the right side of the car, just in front of the door, and about a foot under the car, it is probably just water from the air conditioner.

Put a piece of cardboard under the car to catch it, then you can have someone else look at it.

By the way, brake fluid has a very distinctive smell.

It also could be power steering, have someone look right away.

yes it is possible to sut a line. take of the front wheel where the leak is and find where it is coming from, if not take it to the mechanic. either way it is a safety hazard so get it checked

that sounds like break fluid its clear and oily but the lines them selves do go bad over time and leak. Although it is possible that someone cut your break line they would just have to get under the side of the vehicle and reach around with som snipping pliers and cut the line but if that happened you would loose your breaks in about 3-4 stops and you would have a huge mess of the oily fluid you found

take it 2 a mech now,2day,post hast,hurry@ yes someone could cut 1

Probably your slave cylinder is leaking (depends on how old your car is, of course.) Check your brake fluid reservoir and see how much is left. If you are not sure, take it to a garage to be checked asap !

If someone had cut the lines, then all your fluid would leak out almost immediately, and you wouldn't have any brakes at all.

yeah anything is possible there are so many physco out there

it could also be power steering fluid, vehicle type would help here

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