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Is it really necessary to downshift when driving a car? ?
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Is it really necessary to downshift when driving a car? ?

I just started driving a manual and I finally went on the main road, not side streets. My dad said just to put the car in neutral and not to worry about downshifting all the time. But I guess that really doesn't hurt the car right?


no it wont hurt the car at all...downshifting when preparing to stop slows down your car so you dont have to brake as much

it won't hurt the car, but downshifting won't either. the biggest problem is if you do need to do emergency exercises, you have less control if your car is not in gear.

downshifting will wear your clutch, but save your brakes. my clutch didn't wear out for 400k doing that.

it doesn't hurt the car, you give up some control if power is needed. be prepared to spend more for your brakes. there is no free ride<

Its like this, you either downshift all the time and burn out your clutch faster, and less use of the brakes.

Or you put it neutral and glide to a stop, using the brakes more and wearing them down faster.

Lose lose situation lol but which is more expensive to fix? I think you know.

Yes it is important to down shift a car at the correct speeds and putting it in neutral is not only dangerous but in many states it is illegal to do this........it is called "coasting".

Your dad is just trying to be helpful while you're learning a manual and have plenty of things to master. After a while, when shifting up and learning which gear to use at different speeds is no longer a problem, you can start getting used to down shifting.

A skilled driver (like me) can down shift WITHOUT causing extra wear on the clutch by adjusting the engine speed to match the vehicle speed before releasing the pedal.

It really doesn't hurt the car as long as your not doing 60mph and drop her into 1st, however you will save gas by placing it in neutral.

Sven &quot;Pimp&quot; Eriksson
you can do it either way but downshifting wears out the clutch faster.

Downshifting is really only important if you need to be in that rpm range to over come another car. I may downshift if i slowed down coming around a turn. It will wear up your clutch to downshift all of the time. Going into neutral is the best way and just put it into the best gear for your speed if you need to resume acceleration.

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