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Is it safe to sleep in a running parked car with the heat on as long as the windows are cracked open?
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Is it safe to sleep in a running parked car with the heat on as long as the windows are cracked open?

My guy drives long distances in our van and sometimes will stop in a rest area do this. While I don't want him driving tired this scares me so much. He say's as long as the windows are cracked it's ok. I worry about carbon monoxide poisoning. Am I just being a worry-wort?


don r
CO can kill you by asphyxiation. It takes the place of 02 in your blood. You go to sleep and never wake up. Very peaceful. It can accumulate around the car and come in the window as vell as vents. Get a couple of blankets. There are even 12 volt electric blankets. Make sure you have enough electrical power to do the job- maybe an extra battery. I saw in the papers today where 3 women died doing that very thing, near Nevada. Snow surrounded the car and allowed the CO to build up. It's in today's San Francisco Chronicle.



betotron don
keep the windows open to the downwind side

I would never do this - exhaust fumes can enter the interior through the open window - besides it is illegal now to idle your car for that long.

No it is not safe at all.

yes you are. It is perfectly safe. No Exhaust should be getting in the cabin. If it is, then you need to get it fixed. But, if he cracks the windows , that is fine too. Just tell him not to run a hose from the exhaust to the cabin. Unless he wants to of course.

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