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Is the light yellow, or orange in an intersection?
Find answers to your legal question.

Is the light yellow, or orange in an intersection?

I'm not color blind. Really.
Anyone ever heard of the orange light?
Why does everybody laugh at me when I say that?


Coleen W
Amber is an orange-yellow color that got its name for the material known as an amber. It is famous for being a color used in traffic lights. However, you will find that the traffic signal literature refer to this color as yellow. Amber is therefore the correct name of the color used in an intersection.


Since amber is orange-yellow in color then technically speaking, you are all correct. I live in Jamaica and we say amber, orange or yellow and guess what? It's not a big deal! The importance is that we understand each other.
By the way, the red light has some orange in it too but more red than orange. Hope I helped!

John Paul
The color of middle light is what you see it as. Sight is different in different people. Here in Texas Traffic engineers brilliance they lay the traffic lights on there sides so red left, yellow middle and green right??? not top red, middle yellow, bottom green. Men with red green color blindness must have a good time in Texas. Color perception is tricky in the eye and how the brain works.

I have heard of calling it an "orange" light when you sneak through just as it is changing from yellow to red... Yellow and red do make orange....

bill g
it is indeed an amber light , and don't allow anyone to laugh at you in mockery , if they were so perfect why couldn't they tell you it was amber ?

george p
good you brought it up it's actually amber light when is changing to red or green

technically, it is amber.

The light is yellow. Sorry, it just is. Only "orange" light I've heard of in traffic is when my roommate makes a stupid joke about running a red light - "It's not red, its orange!"

~*~Wild BabyGurl~*~
Orange lights would be used during areas under construction.

it's called amber sweetie:)

amber - --silly !

what is the good word?
red green & orange


Trinity, it is yellow or amber, but when the sun hits it and your looking at it then it truly shows up to be orange, because of the sun and the time of day!

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