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Is there a height requirement to drive when you're of legal age? If there is height requirement, what is it?
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Is there a height requirement to drive when you're of legal age? If there is height requirement, what is it?


Nunya B
I don't think so. Unless you're like, 2ft tall or something, it's fine. You can get special pedal adapters and booster seats if a standard car is not working for you.

you have to be able to see over the steering wheel

no not in the uk. i once saw a woman who was the height of (or shorter) than my 4 year old son jump out of a ford explorer 4x4? so if you cannot reach the pedals i am sure you can still drive but you have to modify the pedals and drivers seating. to suit your requirements.

They make special pedal extensions for little people, so I'm assuming there's no height requirement, just that you can safely see over the wheel and control the vehicle.

No. Even little people can get a drivers license provided that they can effectively and comfortably utilize all of the controls and mirrors etc.

Capicu Inc
No, there are no height requirements in any state.


I'm not sure there is one, there was a kid from my high school who was pretty short so he was required to sit on top of this plastic box type thing but that's all.

gary s
It would depend on the state. In Florida, there is no height requirement.


No there is not a height requirement. If there were, then some people would never be able to drive!

There is no height requirement in most states as long as you can reach the petals operating them properly and see over the dash of the car at the same time.

i dont really think that there is a height requirement because little people can drive, so you might just have to adjust by sitting on a pillow so that you can see properly

They dont have a per say height requirement but it would be helpful if you were over 4 feet 9 inches because that is the limit for car seats so anything over that is okay.....

thank goodness! im glad cause i just shrunk 2 in. and so im 4 foot 6 in and im in the 6th grade!

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