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Is there a law that you have to wear shoes while driving?
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Is there a law that you have to wear shoes while driving?

seriously, does anyone know?


HAHA! i hope not! its funner driving barefoot! but no i dont think there is, its not like cops will pull you over and say... LET ME SEE YOUR FEET!

El Duderino
i don't know, but i've heard that too. I always just figured it was true, until i just thought about it now. it seems kind of stupid when u think about it.

u got me curious heres the answer by state.

The Highway Code in the UK states that your shoes should be suitable for the task.

I believe there is in cars but i know there is in big trucks. But i still do not wear them much when driving in the summer.

There was a rumor that it was illegal to drive in Texas without shoes but that is not true. You would have to check the laws in your state.

I've also heard that but I don't believe it's true. When ever I wear "Jesus" sandals, or flip-flops, my right sandal comes off and my barefoot drives.

Ya know, I recall being told that years ago, but don't know if it's urban legend.

Eric C
It is NOT illegal to drive barefoot in most of the United States... (see link below for a more detailed state-by-state study on the topic)

From what I have read, I would say NO.

See the following:

I was always told as a teen that it was illegal to drive barefoot - I have never heard of anyone getting a ticket for it.

Hot Strawberry Babe On Fire!!!
I do know. You do NOT need to wear shoes when you drive. If you are wearing flip flops or heals then you have to take them off.

In California it was the law back in the 50's at least. When I was stationed there I saw a cop pull a car over as he came from the beach and cite him for driving with thong sandals rather than shoes. Makes sense. Bare feet or flip flops don't give good purchase on the pedals.

I don't think there is. I drive barefoot all the time!

yep i think so.

Shawn B
I don't think there's a law about that.

Well some states do have laws that require you to have shoes on. So I would at least have a pair of shoes in the car when you drive.

Hayleigh B
i'm pretty sure there is.

i'm pretty sure thats a myth. if it really is illegal then i'm screwed haha.

☺ Joey ROCKS! ☺
That's a great question. I would have never thought of that. Well... I think there is, but I doubt it's taken seriously.

Yes it is the law.

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