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Is there a legal distance to be left either side of a driveway when parking ?
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Is there a legal distance to be left either side of a driveway when parking ?


if its your driveway no.

read the parking signs or the council will zap you

The Tank
God! I wish the yanks wouldn't answer on the UK and Ireland Only site. They don't half confuse the issue.

There's no legal minimum distance but you must not obstruct the access and egress to and from the driveway. This means that you shouldn't park so close to the gateposts that the user doesn't have save visibility of the 'main' road and so that they don't have to make a dangerous manouver to negotiate their way past you.

courtesy dictates that you park at least no futher forward of the start of the curves portion of the curb. If there is no curb, then the owner of the driveway should be able to safely enter and leave the driveway without obstruction.

Not in the UK. Unless there's an "official" dropped kerb marked by a line on the road surface, in which case just don't overlap the line.

No vehicle may be parked within 5 feet of any entrance to a driveway, back lane or parking lot. (in Canada)

The Highway Code rule 217. Do Not park in front of an entrance to a property.

no ! just dont block in

If you're the driveway owner, and people are encroaching into the open area, the best way to stop it is to call the Bobbies ( or police ) to see if they'll tow the offending car away. You could also place signs at the ends of your driveway, stating any car caught encroaching or blocking the entrance will be towed away at owner expense.
The PERSONAL approach would be to let the air out of a tire, and leave a note for them - don't block the driveway, moron! As always, try the legal approach first. If that doesn't work, then as far as I'm concerned, the offending parker deserves what he or she has coming to them.

Yes. Typically it's either 3' or 5'. Check local ordinances but you'll almost always be safe at 5'.

There is not a legal distance on your driveway, its private property. There is a safe 3 foot distance for safety.

as long as you are not blocking a sidewalk, there is no law, it is private property, they aren't going to ticket you if your tire is on your lawn.

bob shark
In most places. if you are parking with the driveway in front of you and you are parking on the street it is 15 ft. This is to give traffic a sight of cars backing out of driveway, and to see kids etc.

The other side of the driveway does not have this distance restraint

Yes, usually. Of course each state and/or city or county within the state may have different rules, and you didn't mention where you are.

If by any chance you live in Peoria Illinois: "Within five feet of either side of any driveway or alley as measured from the side of the driveway or alley at the front property line."

Your mileage may vary.

Sean F
If there is a dropped kerb then as long as you are not touching on this, if there is no dropped kerb then you can park across it as it is an illegal driveway.

I live on a very narrow street. My neighbors that have moved in opposite own a taxi firm. The bus they own is constantly parked as close as, or if not ova my dropped curb, and also their family members park right up to the opposite edge of the drive as well. But I am constitley knocking and bumping my tyres on the kerb. Which results in knocking the air out of my tyres all the time. Thus nothing doing any good 4 my blood preasure. It takes me 3 times as long to get my car in and out of my drive. I just want to know if it's legal to park so close to a driveway.

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