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Is there a limit on how many cars a household can have if they are using up all the spaces?
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Is there a limit on how many cars a household can have if they are using up all the spaces?

my neighbour has 6 cars and is using up most of the road to park them,is there anything we can do about it?


No, there's not.

They aren't all BMWs and Mercs are they just as a matter of interest?

peter p
If they are taxed and insured. 'NO'

If they are legally taxed, insured - they are legal.

AR6 Weaver
you can have as many cars as you want...stop complaining

In the Uk as long as the vehicles are legal ( insured, MOT and have a valid vehicle excise licence) and the are no parking restrictions then there is nothing you can do at all your neighbour can park where they like as long as they obey the law

Vince M
There are exceptions in some communities, but, in general, if they are parked along side a public road, there is no law that limits how many cars can be associated with one household.

Imagine: If the house has two adult parents, and only four children of legal driving age, each with their own car, that adds up to six cars. Why should any laws be enacted telling this family that only SOME of them are allowed to own a car, while others are not?

However, there ARE folks who just like to have a lot of cars. I can imagine a household where even only two people may own a daily commute vehicle for each of them, an off road RV, a large motor home, a "cruising" car, just for show and another "project" car that is being rebuilt or restored. That also adds up to six.

Here's the thing. In some states, California among them, there is a law the limits how long a vehicle can be continuously parked in the same spot. In my state, it happens to be 72 hours. The off road RV I mentioned in the example, may only get driven once a month. The motor home may only get taken out a couple of times a year. And the project car may get taken out, well, NEVER until it gets finished. In each of these cases, these vehicles are technically, parked illegally and are subect to be towed away by the local parking enforcement agency.

You CAN call up this agency in your area and complain about the number of cars. But, if those folks are not in violation of any ordinance, there is nothing you or they can do about it.

It does if you belong to an (HOA) Homeowners Association because of all the ones that I have seen they are limited to (2) cars parked on the outside driveway and (2) parked inside the garage.

Check to see if you belong to an (HOA) and if so read the covenant rules and if you don't have them call the (HOA) office.

I own a 5 bedroom house, and the homeowners association just changed our gate entry to decals for our cars. They are saying that they will only give us 4 decals per house and that we have to be approved to get more. We were denied, I dont know why, I am waiting for a response. Is that legal to tell us how many cars we are allowed to have even if we pay for the decals?

It's ridiculous when one house has 6 cars and next door is a flop house that 5 cars. Nobody can find parking when they come to visit you.

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