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My neice was in an auto accident, visible injuries, police didnt call EMT, put her in back seat..is this right
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My neice was in an auto accident, visible injuries, police didnt call EMT, put her in back seat..is this right

The airbag was deployed, which cause injuries to her face, neck, mouth, nose and arms. She was bleeding from several areas and the police did not call ambulance. They asked her (age 17..first ever accident) if she wanted medical and she just nodded no. Shouldnt they call regardless? The ER nurses and dr's went ballistic. She was in shock with lots of blood oozing from her nose and mouth. Her parents drove her to the hospital. Anyone know what should have happened here? NO drugs or alcohol was involved and they knew that..they put her in the back seat of the cop car and told her to shut up (she was obviously crying and upset) This happened in Winnebago Illinois
Additional Details
my brother was called to the scene and found his daughter in the back seat of the cop car, bleeding and crying uncontrollably. The cop told him to shut up when he asked why she was in the car and no EMT. He got upset and called the cop a naughty name and the cop told him if he didn't leave or shut up he would be tassed. Several witness to the fact that my bro did not do anything other then call the cop a p@#@ for not letting him talk to his daughter. When the cops arrived, she was laying on the ground next to the car and they yanked her up my her arms and pushed her into the cop car by her arm, shoulder and head. The next day, she had finger bruises on her upper arm (and you can see finger prints) which we took pics of.


just me
in a wreck like this, the ambulance should have came and taken her to the hospital.. i would..
even though i should not be saying this, report all of this , the only way she should have been taken in the cop car (she was under the influence)
bleeding and such, she should have received proper medical care. c-spine and all...
when they yanked her up from the wreck this could have caused More damage///

miss medic
Unless the vehicle was in imminent danger (fire, explosion, or risk of being in a secondary collision), they should have left her in the vehicle, and called for EMS....unfortunately, this happens ALOT. Also, police do not like to call EMS for minors (16/17 year olds that are driving alone) as they can NOT sign them selves off of an ambulance report if they do not want to go to the hospital without waiting for a parent, which the cops get frustrated about "babysitting...." as they put it, but, since the car was NOT drivable....air bags deployed, they would have had to wait with her anyhow.

If she has significant injuries, she may be able to pursue actions against the police department, at least to open their eyes to what they are doing is incorrect, but, I do not think you will actually get anything monetary from it.

I hope that your neice is ok, but, again, this happens way too many times.

With your additional info, I would DEFINITELY suggest your (brother was it---the father of your neice) contact some legal representative...a GOOD lawyer....not just anyone out of the book. He may need to tell his story to a few first to find one that he likes. Not all lawyers are the same, some get a bad rep for a reason and deserve it, but, some the bad rep of others carry over onto them...like calling them all ambulance chasers.

Your daughter and her dad were not dealt with properly by the police on this scene, but, her dad should not have sworn at them...as THEY are protected by laws from being sworn at. Since your daughter has visible bruising from their rough handling, it could be further reason to contact a lawyer, and that they tried to keep the father from requesting that his daughter get seen by medical technicians as well.

A big NO NO! Since there was visible signs of injury, the cops should have def called EMT. There will or should be an investigation reguarding thiss matter.

Foot in mouth
No, that's not right. EMT should have definatley been called....she was probably in shock and not even aware of her own injuries. Hopefully she's not suffered any permanent injuries due to lack of speedy medical intervention. EMT is usually summoned by default in an accident....I have no idea what went wrong in this instance.

Yes the police should have called the EMT but your daughter told them no but at the same time she was in shock and they should have overrode her decision and called.

Ginny M
WOW that sounds like a lawsuit in the making. I was in a fender bender and just scratched my arm and they called me an EMT. It is their duty to protect. I would most def. see about talking to a lawyer she is underage therefore has no say so.

I would get hold of a lawyer and tell him what happened. There is something very wrong with the way she was treated.

The police have some kind of protocol for this kind of stuff. I've had a couple of relatively small accidents, and they ask if I want them to call an ambulance.

They have some kind of grading system. Answer this question coherently and act such and such and they can let you sit for a few minutes and if in a while you're able to answer a couple others they don't have to call an ambulance.

Some people want the ambulance right away, and aren't concerned with the cost (here you will be billed for it - and it's expensive).

Just because someone is bleeding doesn't mean they need an ambulance. Even if they're in shock. Air bags going off can cause more problems (and more damages) than the accident that caused them to go off.

Been there, done that.

Hope she's feeling better.

Yes, her parents should file a complaint with the dept. and request an investigation. They could have killed her. I am sorry.

Isaac F
Ok I will never go to Winnebago Il then!!!

Even if your loved one WAS on drugs or driving drunk, she is still entitled to EMS!! Hell you prolly pay taxes on your local station. (dont know if you live in a township or burrough)

I would file a compliant and get statments from the doctors on her condition that day. I would consult a lawyer as well.

F*ck the POLICE!!!

Pedro S
right? maybe not but everything in life is a judgment call...I would have called EMT 1 because she was under age 2 because in a airbag accident you can have neck and internal injuries....talk to a lawyer but its almost impossible to sue unless she ended up crippled..

Lover not a Fighter
>> She was in shock with lots of blood oozing from her nose and mouth. Her parents drove her to the hospital. Anyone know what should have happened here? NO drugs or alcohol was involved and they knew that..they put her in the back seat of the cop car and told her to shut up (she was obviously crying and upset) This happened in Winnebago Illinois

Unbelievable!! At least go see a lawyer and file a lawsuit. Even if you dismiss it later, that will teach them a lesson (a good scare).

good Luck...

NOPE!, they asked if she wanted medical attention, she indicated "NO" by nodding. If they would have called an EMT and the EMT would have done anything after she refused treatment, they would have all been liable and sued. You have your lazy sue crazy liberals to thank for this one. The police officers were 100% right!

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