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Neighbors that won't stop parking infront of my house?
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Neighbors that won't stop parking infront of my house?

I have neighbors that live to the left of my house and everyday they park in front of my house. They have a huge huge drive way that would easily fit three cars in and they choose to leave it empty and park in front of my house. My biggest issue with the whole thing is that they block my mail box so I won't get mail for days at a time, and since they are parked in front of MY mail box their box is left open so the mail carrier can give them their mail. I have called the USPS and they said that they would ask them to not block our mail box, but they never did. We asked them not to park in front of our house and it did no good. We were told to just call the police and report them, but we have to live next door to these people and I don't want to start a neighbor war. What can I do? I have even gone as far as to leave my trash car out on the curb where they park and they just move it out of their way!
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Well we have two cars but keep them both parked in our driveway because we would be doing to ourselves the same thing our neighbor is doing to us, and that is blocking our mail box.


short shrimp
While you cannot force them to park elsewhere as the street is a public road, they are interferring with the delivering of the mail by the USPS. This is definately a legal issue. They may not impede mail delivery to your home. Keep on the USPS. If necessary, have the mailbox moved so that access to it is not blocked. Also, contact the local law enforcement and explain that you realize that the street is public, but they are breaking the law by not allowing the USPS to deliver your mail. That may get them off their butts.

The Tester
If you have an extra car, wait until they move theirs and park your car there. They will get accustomed to not having that space to park in and make other arrangements.

If you don't have a spare car, you may want to contact your homeowners association if you have one to make sure they remind all homeowners that parking on the street is not wise.

Other than that, it seems like you are stuck with the situation without starting a neighbor war.

I'd start parking in front of their house and mailbox.

67 Bronco
Maybe park your car in front of their house and let them go without mail you may get your point across.

you could take it and put up another mailbox right next to their mailbox and hope you get your mail! J/K

You should have them move their car, esp if they have a huge driveway. Call the cops to see if they have a law that can help you in this situation here, they may have a law against blocking mail boxes! I'd have them move it!

Move the mailbox to a location where it will not be blocked.

Or cut a mailslot in the front door and remove the mailbox entirely. First, check with the post office to verify that delivery to your door is available. The post office often prefers mailslots to individual mailboxes because of theft.

I'd stay on the USPS and tell them you want your mail and these are not your cars, unfortunately for you the street is public domain and as long as there cars are currently registered there's nothing you can do to stop them from parking there, sounds as if a nasty bit of business may be in order if you want to stop this

Phil R
The war is already on. They clearly show they dont give a crap about you. But cops never help. The poop thing sounds just right. I wish you could make them eat it!! This type of person is ruining the world. I hope and pray for Peace but you cant let them get away with it. Get some bad guys to steal it and sell it to chop shops. Or shoot out a side widow (the side farthest from your house) with a BB gun. Last, try tossing a lit road flare thru the window. The last thing you want is to loose the fight, so dont let them see you doing it. Then ironically you will owe them.

Be well, have fun, and others will join you!!

Slash the right rear tires on their cars and laugh as they try to drive them away with flats. Also spread, poop on the inside door handles of their cars thus getting their hands dirty as they try to get in their cars.

I don't think you can do anything about it. The street does not belong to you or them. I also don't think the post office can do anything either. If they move your trash car again< i would call the police. Why don't you park in front of their mail box and see what they have to say about that. If they try and move your car call the police and tell them someone is trying to steal your car. Fight fire with fire.

Tell them that they need to move there automobile our your going to call 911 so then they will maybe get a little scared off.

these big truck park on the street block people veiw from turning left

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