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On any highways, what is the things on each sides of the highway, that when u drive on it, makes a sound.?
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On any highways, what is the things on each sides of the highway, that when u drive on it, makes a sound.?

it sounds like errrrrr when u drive on it. Also what is the use of those


Ryan R
They're called rumble strips, and they're designed to wake up fatigued motorists and keep them from drifting off the road.

They are called Rumble Strips. They're there to get your attention if you drift off the road.

Don A
They are called rumble strips, and their used for when people start driving off the road they are alerted. Usually people who fall asleep at the wheel or who arent paying attention.

I agree that they are called rumble strips, and that they are designed to alert you if you start to doze off.

They are called rumble strips and they are designed to alert you if you fall asleep at the wheel. I think they were first put on the shoulders for the semi drivers because they are known to fall asleep alot.

BTW, the side of the road is called the shoulder.

They cut lines in the pavement there so that if you run off the road because you fell asleep, it wakes you up and you can get back in your lane before you have an accident.

They are referred to as Drunk Bumps. Wakes people up or at least gets their attention.

bluff mike
Rumble strips go across the road. What you describe some call a "road ratchet". Its to wake you up.

Those are for if people fall asleep while driving and swerve and drive over them the noise will wake them up.

what the other answers said

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