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Road Test! dmv straight line backing! I love in NC?
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Road Test! dmv straight line backing! I love in NC?

Yesterday i failed my driving test because i used the mirrors during straight line backing. I now know that you are only suppose to look out the back window but i still don't know the proper technique! Do you keep both hands on the wheel during straight line backing while looking over your right shoulder! OR do you keep one hand on the wheel and one on the passenger seat and look out the back window in that way! I'm almost 2 scared to go back because I have no idea on how to do this properly! What made it even worse is that it was a public 2 lane road and cars were coming and the driving lady wouldn't even talk to me or give me a tip on what to do! Please help!
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The OR option is correct. You have to turn in the seat to look back, yet still check all the mirrors. One hand on the wheel, one on the passenger seat for support. Yep, it takes a bit of contortion, that's why we gotta go slow. I am very surprised that this part of the road test is not conducted in a more secure area, such as DMV property, where there is less likelihood of collision. Try to go back to the DMV and follow another road test and see where they go and what they do. It should be the same place as you went to. Otherwise, they have different standards for their tests - a no-no.

Keep the head moving and the brake covered. This applies even if your vehicle has a video display while backing.

All the best. You can do it!!

both hands to start with

when you get comfortable with no doubts what-so-ever then your alright to use 1

your answer is from NC also!

alright its very easy to do... keep your left hand on the wheel and put your right behind the passengers head rest... the look right over your shoulder out the back/ side windows... dont be afraid to go there... the lady just doesnt have a life and she hates her job... go to a near by parking lot with someone and practice for 20 minutes... you will do fine

Dr. Strangelove
Unless you are double jointed, there's no way you can look backwards without taking your right hand off the wheel and putting it over the passenger seat. Take a good look at your driving manual. There may be a hint in there as to what the driving inspector is looking for.

Both hands on the steering wheel at all times and look behind you...

must both hands be on the steering wheel at all time??

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