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Should Horses be allowed on the roads?
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Should Horses be allowed on the roads?

Earlier on, my family and I was in the car travelling down a busy road of which has an awful round about at the end of it. As we were heading towards the round about we noticed two women ( lets say mid-30's to early 40s) on their horses riding down this main road. As it is a saturday the road is rather busy, although the cars were going at the speed they should of done to suit the horses, the horses started to panic and one actually had a fit and fell on to a car and the lady fell off and was obviously hurt. However, the horse was roaming its way back up the road and the two women were running after it.

Now, I am not saying that horses shouldn't be allowed to be out of their stable but maybe there should be a new law in England to oppose horses on main roads as it causes unneeded danger to people and the horses of whom are on the roads. Hope I am making sense, please could you tell me your views on this matter.


a great big massive NO ! its not the horses I object to , its not their fault - just the snooty owners who think they have the god given right to put thrse beautiful creatures in danger .

sunshiney smles :)
I have a horse and these two women where very irresponsible.
Yes, I do quite enjoy taking my horse on a hack down the road- but always a country lane, never something with a roundabout or multiple lanes. I am quite upset know that I know this, because it is irresponsible owners like this, are the ones who are capable for damaging all horse owners enjoyment.

No, they shouldnt be allowed - I am a pro cyclist, and when im out training, they allways get freaked out when i come past - its so annoying 'cus they start chasing me down the road! lol !


Just as soon as they pay road tax have appropriate insurance and clean up after themselves!

Until then NO!

jason c
No they should not, I have seen very young girls riding horses on public roads with almost no regard for the many cars that are driving around them.

There is no reason why they shouldn't use the roads. Even here in the country where I live they sometimes need to use the roads to access bridleways etc. I agree they shouldn't be allowed to use main roads. It sounds like these ladies were pretty foolish if not irresponsible riding on such a busy road especially as it seems one of the horses couldn't cope with cars. That said, the vast majority of riders I encounter are very responsible on the roads. If they aren't then as your story shows they and/or their horses get hurt.

You have to be 16 to apply for a provisional vehicle license, but the British Horse Society is prepared to teach road safety to a 12 year old. You can't expect a 12 year old to recover a spooked horse on a public road and you can't expect the public or even the police to be able to help.

There is a code of conduct, but a formal test would be in the interests of all parties and the horse should have some form of road certification.

My opinion only.

Crazy Larry
On main highways, NO! On any other road, YES!

Our road system was originally designated for horses and carriages and were in use by them long before there was motorized traffic. As a motorist I do not have a problem with horses or horse drawn vehicles on our roads. I used to live near a Mennonite Community and I do not ever recall an accident that could be directly contributed to their horse transportation. There were incidents, however, that were the result of ignorant motorists practising road rage on these people.

Horses should be on the side of the road(shoulder)cars have to give them space and slow down here in New Hampshire.U.S.A.No horn honking ,arm waving, or loud noises of any kind.Thanks for the two points

David P
Of course horses should be allowed on the road.

They were there first.

You, as the driver/rider of a vehicle have the responsiblity to treat all other road users with the respect they deserve.

As for the cyclist, you need to slow down for horses too.

Next you will be saying that pedestrians, cyclists, agricultural vehicles, or any slow moving machinery shouldn't be allowed.

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