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Should I put my infant car seat in the middle of the back seat or to one side?
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Should I put my infant car seat in the middle of the back seat or to one side?

I have a Ford Explorer. I am ready to turn my infant car seat to face forward. It is currently in the middle of the back seat. I don't know if I should keep it in the middle or put in behind one of the seats. Any advice!?


The middle is best if you get T-BONED at a light. It happened to my sister, and if her baby was on the side of the collision, she would have been killed.

Technically the middle is the safest place, IF the seat fits well there, I would leave it there. But I have another, actually more important question for you - how big is the child? Babies/toddler should stay rear facing (rf) AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! 12 months/20lbs. is the bare minimum for turning them to face forward, they are much safer rf. Their bones have not ossified yet, they are weak and break easier, so when they are in a frontal crash, the most common kind, they are thrown forward and break their necks among other things. Keeping them rf allows them to be braced by the back of their seat in an accident, greatly lowering their risk of death or injury. See the rear facing links for more info. Most convertible car seats rf to at least 30lbs, and some, like Dorel/Cosco/Safety1st/EddieBauer rf to 25lbs! Britax seats rf to 33lbs. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics says kids should stay rf to the height/weight limits of their seat, NOT just to 20lbs./1 year.

The middle is the safest, for what should be obvious reasons, assuming that you can properly secure it there.

juanes addicion
I have a Dodge and 2 kids for 5 seats..one in the middle and another off to the side..

do the best you can with the situation you got..I don't think it matters as long as you have the anchors/seatbelts and proper support depending on the age of your kids.

Ma Belle Famille
The middle seat is best.

It should be in the middle.

Leave it in the middle, it's the safest place.

I personally like it in the middle. On the sides, it's probably easier to do all the straps and such, but a lot of stuff can fall and get stuck between the seat and the door depending on your car. Not sure about what things your infant plays with in the car, but if he/she has a tendency to throw stuff everywhere, the middle seems to be a more convenient choice since it'll end up simply on the seat or maybe the ground (worst case). I don't think safety-wise there's a significant difference, or I assume they'd put it on the box. Plus, in the middle, it's easier to turn around to look at and talk to a baby than it is off to the side (at least in terms of both the driver and passenger).

I was always told the infant should be behind the drivers seat,less likely to be hit on that side.I have aways put my youngest behind the drivers side since I was told that.

michelle r
I would put it on the side, the child will be more stimulated by watching the surroundings outside, and as long as you don't have rear door airbags it will be fine. With the center the child, if it somehow does escape the carseat in an accident will have more of a chance gong through the front window.

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