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Speed Limit 55/ Speed 55- Are these suggested or set speeds? Can you go over 55 legally?
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Speed Limit 55/ Speed 55- Are these suggested or set speeds? Can you go over 55 legally?

Someone told me that the speed limit signs are just suggested speeds, that you can go over them and not get a ticket. I want to know what's true. And is there a difference between the signs Speed Limit 55 and Speed 55?


Firecracker .
Speed Limit = the highest speed you can legally go. Anything over is breaking the law and you are subject to the possibility of a ticket. The number on the sign is the limit.

The signs that are "suggested speeds" are the yellow ones. Such as the ones found in sharp corners. In those areas, the white sign is the limit, the yellow is a caution. You run a risk but do not break the law when going faster than the number on a yellow sign.

That is the legal limit, so anything over it is technically illegal. There may be some leniency in different places, but it should not be expected, but rather, appreciated!

Joan H
Don't try it in Ohio. The legal limit is what is says! Nothing is suggested.

Fred C
"Someone told me" is not a good way to do research! If the speed limit is 55, that is the maximum legal speed. The reality is, you aren't likely to get a ticket at 60, but that doesn't make it legal. Usually there is a 10 mph leeway before tickets are given, except in school or construction zones, where the limits are much more strictly enforced, but, they can ticket you for 1 mph over if they really want to, just to make a point, or if driving conditions are poor.

That's why it says LIMIT!! You are NOT supposed to go over that unless you choose to risk getting into an accident or can afford a speeding ticket. They don't just put those up to look cute.

donald c
if the sign says 55 then its 55 period, if a cop is having a bad day, 56 will get you a ticket.

Speed limits are set by the best guess of the engineers when they build the roads which is probably where someone got the idea that they're suggested speeds. My question to you is: Are you willing to spend $45-$270 to find out how the police view it?
(And as near as I know, both signs mean the limit is 55.)

Willis C
Sometimes when you drive you see those black rubber strips in the road attached to a box. On some roads they analyze the speeds people are doing & then decide on changing the speed limit. Some states are more agressive on speeders than others. Some places have lines on the interstate 1/4 mile apart & they time you from the air to get you're speed. Its good for remote areas.

Also most states are raising their speed limits to 70~75mph. Although theres still vehicles on the road that have 3 speed transmissions; this would be bad for gas milage if you drive one of these cars/trucks.

most states allow you 5mph over the limit... some dont ..

i live in Va and the posted limit is 65mph ... but they usually let you go to 80mph , anything over that they usually ticket..

when i lived in NJ .. the posted limit was 55/65mph... 70 was allowed, any thing over that was a heavy ticket..

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