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Speed bumps or humps fast or slow?
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Speed bumps or humps fast or slow?

I was watching brainiac the other day, “if you don’t live in uk it’s a show that blow things up on sky one”


There was one science thing they was doing about speed bump or humps

what they said if you go over them fast it will not damage you're car as much as if you went over a speed bump slow is that really true.


Well, I suppose if you went fast enough to actually launch your vehicle over the speed bumps, they can't really damage your vehicle... Although after you land going that fast, hitting that flat ground after the speed bumps could cause quite a bit of damage!
But technically, the speed bumps didn't cause any damage to your vehicle...
If you go super slow, and don't bottom out on the bumps, it doesn't cause any damage.

But if you go fast enough to catch air as your front tires go over the bump, but slow enough that the middle of your car is over the bump when the car comes back down, you would cause the most amount of damage possible.

If that were true, speed bumps would have the effect of speeding up traffic on a road rather than slowing it down.

Yeah go really fast, mechanics need more work dummy.

Dude!! what are speed bumps for??? to go fast or to slow down??? by going fast u r breaking the rules.

It depends on how fast you go over the speed hump.

90% of personal vehicles are designed to withstand high speed (30-60mph) changes like that.

The only damage that you would incure on your vehicle if you were to slow down is the fact that you're actually putting more stress on your suspension system (particularly the front) since you are braking and going through a variation in road surface, thus putting more weight/pressure on the front axle.

they did it on top gear and they said dont do it

unless your in a range rover it can take speed bumps at 90

interesting. a traffic cop told me the same years ago ,but then ,he wouldn't be paying for the repairs to the suspension , would he?
i think the main factor would be the width of the wheelbase of the car.if you had a narrow width like a mini you may well suffer brain damage from hitting the roof , whereby ,if you are a jammy git driving a porche , you would fly over.
i know for a fact that you can hit them fast in a transit van and bairly notice them ,but that's another story.

was that not on 5 gear too and it was to see how far you could go and what the landing was like too

Fred C
Slow, unless you want to damage your car. I only once went over one too fast, and that was at the speed limit, and the car bottomed out on the other side of the bump. To go over them so fast the suspension aborbs the bumps just as bumps would be well over the speed limit, (probably 60 mph or more) in any city or town I have ever been in.

Are you perhaps getting confused with rough, corrugated roads. That was done on Mythbusters (the show Brainiac is a ripoff of) and that's what they came up with.

I have no idea how someone could say that going over a single speed bump faster does less damage than going over it slowly.

nope. i tried that before

Michael M
They serve no purpose

i doubt that the smoothestway is one tire at a time

The original Peter G
SLOW SLOW SLOW! 8 mph max, declutch so that the transmission doesn't get jarred, and if possible take a line so that the wheels both go over the middle of a bump, that way you won't twist the tyres. Of course if you don't care about the car ....

Heinz M
Yes. I find that driving across those at 25 to 30 mph, makes the suspension take all the jolts out of the ride. ~

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