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Third brake light law?
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Third brake light law?

Is it a law in the state of Texas to have the 3rd brake light working? I've read its a federal law for the manufacturer to add the 3rd brake light but does it HAVE to be functioning in Texas? Is there a website I can find out? I have checked with the states DPS online and found nothing.


dodge man
our local law in Tennessee does state that if its their on the vehicle it has to be working and if not they do have the right to write a ticket for a malfunctioning safety light,but i couldnt find anything on state laws governing this,i came up empty on a search also on this one,its misdemeanor in this state though, good luck.

If it was manufactured on the car...it HAS to be working.

I live in Texas and I have been inspecting vehicles for over 30 years and you do not need the third brake light to be working.

There are no laws for it in the state of Texas and you cannot get a ticket for it being out.

Ohio is the same as one of the answers you received, you only need your two brake lights working, it is more of a safety feature to have your third brake light functioning than a citable offense.

according to the texas dept of motor vehicles you only need 2 lights.

I don't know about the laws in texas, but I would be very surprised if there was a state in the U.S. that wouldn't write a ticket for a light not working. It's a safety violation, just like a directional, tailight, headlight etc out. Besides when you follow a vehicle that has a 3rd brake light on the rear deck or in a spoiler you expect it to come on when the person steps on the brake, if it doesn't, it takes a second or two for you to realize it's not functional, that could result in disaster. Most likely a bad bulb, simple fix.

yes if the light is on the car it needs to be working and you can get a ticket for not working, however the police will normally just give you a warning..they will use it as a reason to pull you over whenever they want

I was recently pulled over by a Texas State Trooper because my 3rd brake light was not working on my 2004 1500 Dodge truck. I replaced it with one of my Cargo Lamps that is on each side of the brake lamp 'Till I bought a new one. I received a warning only, but he asked me about my new shocks, where I bought them, did I upgrade when I replaced them, how long I have had the truck, etc. I think he asked all those questions to see If I really owned the truck. Seems this model is popular for car thieves and I think he used the defective light to check.

Well if you go to OK they will pull you over if the third light is out because we live in Texas going to Ark and the cop pulled us over.

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