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Vindictive neighbor?
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Vindictive neighbor?

My car is recently been vandalized by a vindictive neighbor who is old, stay at home all day and is never going to move. She keyed my bf's car. After he moved away, she is now keying my car. We have reported twice to the police but they could not help. I also could not afford to move elsewhere at this moment of time. Any idea what I can do? Catching her in the act is highly unlikely except when one install a car camera. If I do so much to prosecute her and charges was only equal to that of shop lifting. I may as well repaint my car and move on... I now park my car in a visible area near my apt where I could view it from my living room and bedroom window. But is there really anything I can do other than move? I just need some encouragement. If you are not interest to give any honest advice other than telling me to move or saying something hurtful like it is only car and etc., please skip this post and visit other posting. Thank you for your suggestions in advance.
Additional Details
Why she's mad... I don't know but these are the incidents I recalled.
My bf washed clothes after hour and her son wrote "*** hole" on his clothes and then the next day, she keyed his car and possibly smashed his window shield... (I don't know that for sure because it could be from something else). She recently has started keying my car b/c I never say "hi" to her, knowing what she did to my bf and I once looked up to her apt window for a long time such as 10 min. But we have done absolutely nothing else other than these and definitely do not deserves our cars to be keyed.


You could talk to a P.I. firm and see if they could rent you a camera with a motion sensor to catch anyone near your car. The person you suspect might have some mental health issues that a video recording will assist in getting some proper help for them (as well as some compensation for yourself)

There must be a reason this person is doing this. What has caused the "bad blood" between you? You use the word vindictive. Vindictive over what?

Try posting bible scriptures on your car.

Dizzy D
I think you should get the car camera and don't hide it... leave it out in the open. I think that would be a deterent if she were to do it again in the future.

She needs to be taught a lesson. Get her on camera and take her to court for damages to your vehicle, mental anguish, trespassing

Might sound weird, but why don't you just go over there and talk to the old hag? Try to find out what her beef is? Be a neighbor. Maybe she just thinks you are ignoring her and maybe she just wants some attention. Maybe she's nuts? Go see! Offer to help her with her trash barrels and make a friend. Ask if you can rake her lawn and make a friend. Ask her anything but don't take any crap from her. Be bigger than her. You are young and a few minutes a day of being friendly to an elder neighbor can pay huge later. She will watch your house when you are away and call the police if something fishy is going on. She will bake you brownies. She will love you if you give her a chance and show her some respect. I know, I've been there and done that. Old people just want to be loved and have friends. You don't have to make a career out of it, just a few minutes a day to make the crap go away. It's easy.

Get a large dog.........maybe like a Pitbull or Rottweiler.

Install a camera from your living room window and let it run ..
install a anti-theft system and if they try to do smth to the car it will wake you up if its at nite and from there try to take digital pics..
I hope I helped a lil bit.

I just hate people like that. What is the point of doing that??? I dont get it. This 'older' person sounds childish.

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