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WTF, PARKING on a residential street for 2 days, against law?
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WTF, PARKING on a residential street for 2 days, against law?

We have limited parking in our street and this guy who lives on the other side of the block came and parked his car in front of my house and left it there for 2 days. It was inconvenient for us to now have to park our car far from our house but we were nice about it when we politically informed him that we didn't mind him parking his car there, but for 2 days?

He's done this more then once.

MY QUESTION IS, is there a limit to how long a person can park and leave their car on a residential street?

there are no signs on my street that ban parking at any hours other then street sweeping. but still, 2 days, almost 3.. is there a law against that in California?


I found a website that has a list of laws for parking in California that I added below in my sources, but the second to last one says that "Some larger cities have residential parking schemes, where non-residents are limited to two hours' parking in the area on weekdays between 8am and 6pm (or similar times — the details vary)." Also, if he's blocking your driveway that's illegal. Don't know if that describes your situation exactly, but the other laws might so check it out.

Where I live, in Anaheim, Ca., you can leave your car legally in the same spot for 72 hrs. You will only be cited if someone complains to the PD, and they come out and mark the tires, and the car still stays there for more than 3 days.

About all you can do is "accidentally" let your lawn sprinkler spray water on the car for an hour or so, leaving water spots.

P.S. there are no parking regulations that are state wide. Each city has their own ordinances. There are no signs in my neighborhood regarding length of time allowed for parking, but the city ordinance says "72 hrs".

In California, it is usually unlimited for cars. Well, almost unlimited. When a street is repaved, all the cars need to be removed. Therefore, it is effectively limited to the amount of time between repavings.

In the case of your street, the limit is the amount of time between street cleanings. The ban of parking during street cleaning is the only reason why a car cannot be left on the street for three months at a time.

This is what I found for parking in California.

As long as there are no signs prohibiting parking in front of your house, then its public property and open to anyone. Your mailbox and your driveway cannot be blocked, this is a law violation.

On a public street down town can the City counsel give a private (residential) Parking to an individual who lives in front of that space. I did not think it was legal for a city council to designate a private parking space for an individual who built a house with his business on a commercial zoned area on a street down town. If you have enough friends on the city council what are the limits? If it is legal then anyone who lived down town should also get there private space to park on property that we all pay for.

what is the law regarding parking construction equipment on a residential street and leaving it for days in covington, kentucky? for instance large flatbed trailers with back hoe on it for one example.

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