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What's the difference between yield and stop sign?
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What's the difference between yield and stop sign?

When riding the bus or something I always see the yield and stop sign, but never understand their difference in meaning. Can someone give me a little description?


At a stop sign you have to come to a complete stop before you go and yield to any drivers who stop before you. At a yield sign, you do not have to come to a complete stop, but you have to let the drivers without a yield sign go first. This can make it so that you are actually at the intersection longer because the other drivers have the right of way and you have to wait for a break in traffic to go

STOP - means just that, come to a complete halt.

YIELD - means that cross or through traffic has the right-of-way. If there is no traffic visible then proceed without stopping. The hardest situation to deal with is when you come across this sign at on on-ramp to a freeway or highway. One should merge with the flow of traffic at or near the prevailing speed. Stupid sign.

Driving Instructor (BRAKE!)
Sure...a yield sign at an intersection of two streets means:

The cars facing the YIELD sign must slow down and BE PREPARED to stop in the event a car approaches from either direction on the cross street. Maximum speed = 15mph

A stop sign means you must make a COMPLETE stop. After stopping and looking in either direction, you may proceed.

Yellow or Yield means to slow down and get ready to stop

Red or Stop means to stop completely so someone else gets a turn.

Yield or stop signs both mean that traffic comingfrom a direction to either side of you has the "right of way" and should be allowed to go through first.
YIELD means to slow down to a point that if someone is coming from another direction you may stop to give them the right of way and let them proceed first. You do not have to stop if it isn't necessary.
STOP means Just that. STOP weather there is anyone coming from another direction or not. No one may be coming at all but you must come to a complete stop before prproceedingagain.

been there done that
the yellow yield sign means "give way to oncoming traffic". It is not necessary to stop if the way is clear.
The red "stop" sign means you must stop before proceeding.

Merge means just that, both lines of traffic must allow the other to join the same lane.

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