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What age can a baby sit face foward in a car seat?
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What age can a baby sit face foward in a car seat?


jeffrey b
you can baby sit tight the car seat. child seat for child not age of 8 or 1.2 metre height. drive safety .

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The book that came with our car seat recomends, Over 1 year old and 20 - 40 lbs and 29'' - 40'' tall.
Hope this helps....

It is recommended by the AAP (2001) and child passenger safety technicians that you keep a child rearfacing to the maximum limits of the convertible seat (30-35 pounds, depending on the seat).

Each step "up" in carseats is a step down in safety. The safest person in a car is a rearfacing child. Next is a forward facing and harnessed child, then a child in a booster seat, then a person in nothing but the seatbelt. To go beyond that, people in the backseat are 40% safer than those in the front. Though that number is probably changing with the number of airbags surrounding front passengers.

A child's vertebrae are not fully formed and ossified until close to six years of age. Initially they are comprised of three small bones held together with cartilage. The cartilage can move up to two inches in a forceful collision, taking the three bones with it. However, the spinal column that runs through the bones can only move up to 1/2" on a good day. So you want to give your child's vertebrae as much time to ossify and strengthen as you can, as close to six as possible.

When a child is rearfacing the entire seatback takes the brunt of the force in a frontal or side impact collision. Those are the most serious collisions, accounting for 96% of serious collisions (not accounting for 96% of all collisions, rear enders and minor fender benders are the most common, but only 2-4% of serious collisions are from the rear). With the crash forces spread out over a larger area, the amount the body feels is less. The entire child is cradled during the inital impact. The harness then has to catch the child on rebound, which is significantly less force than the initial impact.

When forward facing the child's torso will take the initial impact, slamming toward the point of impact into the harness, rather than into the entire seat. The head slams forward and then is caught by the seat on rebound.

Someone else already posted my favorite crash test videos, but I'll post them as well.


Here is a great article about when to forward face. http://www.cpsafety.com/articles/StayRearFacing.aspx

Heather S
It is safest to have your child face rear for as long as possible. There are seats on the market that rear-face to 33 or 35 pounds. Just be sure there is an inch of shell over your childs head.

Here are some links to videos of crash tests with front and rear facing dummies.
FRONT FACING: http://www.oeamtc.at/netautor/html_seiten/kisitest_2002/videos
REAR FACING: http://www.britax.fi/quicktime/TWside240.AVI

Here are a couple of video that also discusses the benefits of rear-facing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?

In Washington State they have just changed/upgraded the law. Here are the key points:This goes into effect June 1, 2007
1. The driver is responsible to make sure all children under 16 are secured in their seat belts.
2. Children under the age of 13 must ride in the back seat at all times, unless it is impractical for them to do so.
3. Children over the age of 8 must wear the seat belt correctly over the shoulder NOT under the arm.
4. Children under the age of 8 must use the correct child restraint system.
5. Infants must ride in a rear facing car seat until they are one year of age OR weigh 20 pounds (whichever comes first).

Hope that helps!

One year AND twenty pounds.

Best thing to do is to contact a local law enforcement agency. I know in Colorado you can even take your car and seat to the state patrol, and they will even install the seat and give you all the info you need.

never put a child seat in the front seat. use the most centre position avaliable in the rear.

one year old

contrary mary
At my sons Dr. office the chart says that front facing child seats should be used once the child reaches 20 lbs.

about 10months

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I believe that the child should be first off, clean and dressed, next seat the childs' bottom (butt) should be placed gently into the secured car seat, knees bent, fastening only then the belt/harness over the childs' head and across chest and belly, next "click" the metal end of the belt securly into the female portion of belting system. Give it a good tug to ensure correct connections and I think you should be all set.
Drive Safe

When there neck is strong enough to hold their head up and their back straight for an extended amount of time or about 1 year or a little bit older.

10 or 80 pounds

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