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What are my chances of getting this seat belt ticket dismissed?
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What are my chances of getting this seat belt ticket dismissed?

I was issued a ticket for no seat belt and I WAS wearing it. I was on one side of a busy intersection and the officer was across on the other side. I told him I was wearing it and he could clearly see when he pulled me over that I was but he said he saw the two straps hanging which is untrue. I was driving a single cab pickup and did have clothes hanging directly behind me. I just want to know how he believes he could see inside my truck with tinted windows and 50 ft away while cars were passing thru the intersection. Last but not least he also wrote down my race as white which I didnt know was a race and he didnt make me sign the ticket. By the way Im hispanic. If his vision is so bad he couldnt tell what race I am could he also have been wrong about the seatbelt. This was also on Dec 29 end of the month, maybe I fell victim to a quota deadline. I have til today to pay the ticket or be at court at 10 to fight it. What are my chances? I was also going to go back to the intersection and have my wife sit where the officer was and take a poic of me where I was b/c there is just no way to see inside my vehicle. Would pics help my case? BTW I live in a small town in Texas. I would love to hear from police officers or anyone who has fought a ticket.
Additional Details
I wasnt using race as a factor I was stating that since he made an error on my race that he could also make an error on the seatbelt and also I was stating that b/c since the ticket has incorrect information could it be grounds for dismissal. Thanks guys I think I will show up at 10, taking off work early, court costs etc. are gonna add up but I refuse to pay for something I didnt do.


Rock Firestorm
No, you can't fight it. You can try but you're going to lose. The law states if the cop walks up and the seatbelt is not attached, he can site you. You cannot take it off before he walks up and say "I had it on but I just took it of." Tell the story you just wrote in court and you will lose. Cops don't give tickets just to give tickets and when you start the whole racism thing on top, you look foolish. I'm sure this is not what you want to hear, and you're going to do what you want to do, but just remember you were warned.

PS . And why waste the time? It's not a point on your record, it's simply a small fine. Pay the fine and be done with it and next time wear your seatbelt (although I'm sure none of this is what you want to hear)

I think that you should go to the small claims court, and tell them your side of the story. If you do nothing, then it will go onto your record. This is your only chance to clear it.

the lock man
you should get a traffic lawyer- judges hate people representing them selves

If you were in the right, you should definitely fight it. Going to the scene and taking a few pictures is a great idea. They could mean the difference between you winning and losing your case.

steve G
fight fight take it to the Judge and show it

Just tell the same story to the judge, dress nice and speak when spoken too and it will be most likely dismissed and being hispanic has nothing to do with this at all...

Plus if you dont get it dismissed then ask to take the "Texas Online Seat Belt Course" and good luck.

This seems to me like he really wouldn't have been able to see whether you had your seat belt on or not. I have no experience with court cases, but I guess any evidence would help. If he was sitting that far away, and you have tinted windows on your truck, I would say that he easily could have made a mistake, and possibly not cared whether he was wrong or not. I for one do not have good enough vision to be able to see such fine details.

travellin jack
Fight it. these cops are so rediculous

jeff nelson
can an policeman give me a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt when its poor visability with rain on the side window of my van and steamed up on the inside does he not have to be 100 percent sure i wasant wearing it.

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