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What do I do about a handicap parking ticket?
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What do I do about a handicap parking ticket?

I was with my husband grabbing a bite to eat on the way home and we parked in a handicap spot and I forgot to put up my plac card. 20 min later we were getting ready to leave and there was a $132 ticket on the window. It was snowing all day and i had just spent 9 hours in doctors offices and hadn't eaten all day he's in the military and was working out on the flight line in the snow all day so we were both exhausted. I live in Utah. Is there any way I could get out of this?


Take the handicap plac card with you to court to fight the ticket. Tell the judge you forgot to put it up. If you have paper work or can get proof of when you got the handicap plac card, bring that too so you can show that you had the handicap plac card at the time you got the ticket. I think the judge would dismiss the ticket if you tell him you just forgot to put it out.

If there's a phone number on the ticket, call it and tell them the situation and maybe all you'll have to do is go and show them that you have a handicap plac card and the ticket would be thrown out.

Ryan R
Go to the police station with your placard and explain the situation. You can't wait, though.

Eric F
you can try to fight it in court, otherwise, pay the ticket and not worry about it. without that sticker up where it can be seen, a cop will assume you're parking there just because.

The ticket will be dismissed once they see that you indeed have one and best of luck.

if you don't have the handicap placard on the rearview mirror or have a handicap license plate then the cop doesn't know so he has no other choice but give you the ticket

i understand you both being exhausted and real tired but not to sound mean but if you both had the energy to walk in somewhere and get a bite to eat then you would have the energy to stick the handicap placard on the rearview mirror so you have no real argument but you can try to fight it, they might reduce the fine or throw it out since you or your husband are legally handicap and just forgot to hang the placard on the mirror, just got to prove you ahd the placard legally before that date

theresa Velasco
I volunteer in the community constantly for the last 56 years. I am 78 years old and on this morning I was going to a new volunteer group. There was no one there when I parked and I went to put up the handicap sign but put it down as I had to look through the front glass to try and find the room # I was going to. Then got distracted by seeing people enter the door, so I grabberd my purse and put the handicap sign between the 2 seats on the console. I wrote in with all the copies of my handicap sign and etc. I got a note back from the officer saying I admitting to not putting the sign up and had to pay $338.00 or I could contest it. I can see having to pay if you do not have one, but this is hardly a big violation of the law and it was by a building that unfortunately, the police go into the bldg. across from it to go to the Credit Union. Should I bother trying to contest it?

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