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What does this road sign mean, a red car next to black car in a white background with red circle?
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What does this road sign mean, a red car next to black car in a white background with red circle?


The Ghost
no overtaking

Ello Guv
No overtaking

It means no over taking. You can't go infront of the car that's infront of you.

no overtaking!

No overtaking

claire bear. Grrr!
No overtaking

buy a Highway code book!.

It means if your already a qualified driver you should get off the roads as you don't know road signs...if you are learning to drive you need to get the highway code...

Chris A
no overtaking permitted

vitamin 4
Red car racing a black car, beware.

it means you should wear a large pointed hat with the letter " D " on it .

Pete T
I have no idea , we don't have such signs in Arkansas.

Glen C
no black or red cars allowed in that street

Red cars must not overtake black cars on this stretch of road.

It means no double parking.

jason c
Causing on coming trafic, probably the road is a single carage way.

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