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What gap should be kept between you and the car in front on roads with fast moving traffic?
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What gap should be kept between you and the car in front on roads with fast moving traffic?


Only a fool breaks the 2 second rule!
Once the car in front has passed a stationary object, you should be able to count 2 seconds before you pass the same object, or you are too close.
This applies at all speeds, but in adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain or ice, you should at least double it.

The answers above or 1 car length for every 10 miles of speed you are doing. So if you are going 60mph you should have 6 car lengths between you.

Speed Thinking distance Braking distance Total distance
20 mph 1.5 car lengths 1.5 car lengths 3 car lengths
30 mph 2.5 car lengths 3.5 car lengths 6 car lengths
40 mph 3 car lengths 6 car lengths 9 car lengths
50 mph 3.5 car lengths 9.5 car lengths 13 car lengths
60 mph 4.5 car lengths 13.5 car lengths 18 car lengths
70 mph 5 car lengths 19 car lengths 24 car lengths

These figures assume dry weather and good tyres and an average family saloon. Naturally, stopping distances will vary according to weather conditions, and some cars may perform in different ways.

Just Me
1 car length per 10 mph.
at 50 mph, there should be 5 car lengths between you and the car in front of you

Generally it is one cars length for every 10 mph.

bill a
The two second rule. Find a landmark on the side like a speed limit sign and count one thousand one one thousand two. That or more. It is a five second rule for 18 wheelers. But you didn`t ask that.

Lizzie C
3 secs in dry weather and 6 secs in wet weather. This means that you should allow 3/6 secs in between you and another car. To judge this start counting when a car goes past a tree or post and as soon as it gets past it start counting how long it takes you to get there and past that same tree or post.

Del Piero 10
On any dual carriageway or motorway 3 or 4 car lengths is good. Always keep an eye on the brake lights of cars two or three cars ahead. On the M25 (and I'm being quite serious here) in rush hour the distance should be kept down to 3/4 of a car length, making the brake light spotting of cars further ahead even more important, otherwise you will have people dangerously cutting in front of you all the time ..

Mark B
The distances are given in the highway code which you learned when you passed your test.

The rule of thumb for dry weather driving is the 2 second rule. pick out a marking in front of you like a bridge and wait for the car in front to pass it. When it does, repeat the line 'only a full breaks the two second rule'. If you pass the bridge before you said it all then your too close. The distances can be nearly doubled in bad weather.

It's called the 2 second rule. look for a marker of any kind. once the car in front of you has passed that marker start to count if you reach the same marker before 2 seconds your following to close. 2 seconds may not seem like much but you figure at 60 miles and hour your travelling 90 feet per second. thats 180 feet between you and the other car. From 60 miles an hour it takes 130 - 175 feet to stop most cars... Hmmm .. Look 180 foot distance is a good buffer zone.

It's been a good 17 years since Driver's Ed for me, but I recall learning 1 car length for every 10 mph. So if you're going 70 there should be 7 car lengths.

The rule is 2 seconds.

When people don't follow this rule on motorways for example - that is why pile ups care caused - I have no sympathy for them.

One car's length for every 10 miles an hour is the correct equation I believe.

I believe its 1 car length for every 10 miles per hour that you are traveling. But heres something to consider, if you are traveling at 70 miles per hour on the highway, and the vehicle in front of you swerves out from behind a stalled car, and if you are 2 seconds away, do you think you will avoid it? What if there are cars on each side of you? Anyway, just something to consider.

In australia its 3 car lengths....or 3 seconds. 1 second per car length doesn't give you much time for decisions, does it?

Mickey F
Yep,2 second rule.

A two second gap is the recommended minimum. Although four seconds is a more comfortable distance.
If you have an idiot driving 2 inches from your rear bumper then you may like to leave an even greater gap - just in case anything happens then you can brake very very gently!!!

at least three of your own car lengths behind 50 MPH and above, increase seven lengths more at seventy (ten lengths )

There is no definitive answer for this question, but I will give you the 2 rules of thumb.

Rule #1: is called the 2-second rule. Pick a fixed object (light pole, sign, overpass) ahead of you and the car you're following. Once the car in front of you passes it, start counting 1 thousand one, 1 thousand 2. If you get to the object before you get to 1-thousand 2, then you are to close.

Rule#2: is the footage rule. You should maintain 1-car length for every 10 mph of the posted speed. So if it's a 50 mph roadway, than there should be 50 ft. between the front of your car and the 1 you're following.

This doesn't apply to trucks, especially tractor-trailer combinations, buses & motorcycles. With these 3 vehicles you should actually have more than the amounts listed above.

According to the Highway code the stopping distance of a car at 60mph is 73 metres (including thinking and reaction) so theoretically if you had to brake sharply to a stop at this speed you would need to leave 18 car lengths so to avoid hitting the car in front if they stopped and you had to. At 70mph, it is 96 metres (24 car lengths)

sastro 5
Approximate 5 m or 15 ft for safe your car moving

Elle J Morgan
When I learned to drive I was told ' tyres and tarmac '
As long as I can see these on the car infront then that's enough gap

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