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What happens if you fail the behind-the-wheel test THREE times?
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What happens if you fail the behind-the-wheel test THREE times?

I know you have to go through the process again but do you have to wait a whole year? Thanks.
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I am currently 16, almost 17


Just give up....we don't need someone like you on the road!! =o)

John Paul
Please take your medication! Practice makes perfect! Did you read your test results? Doing the same thing over and over? Change! Wait and when you are ready you will pass. Until then I am glad. More teenagers have been killed the last 16 months than in all of the wars the USA is in. 22,000 graves. Kids and there friends. And more are killed at night. Boys are especally brave and drive to fast without car control driving school, leathal. Sorry to bum you out.

Start walking, taking the bus, or carpooling. There are already enough bad drivers on the road that should not be driving.

Waite 6 months and try again

Smith P
It depends on the state I guess, but in Ohio, it does not matter how many times you apply for a test. I have a suggestion for you, go to a plaza parking lot and put all the road signs like the ones used in the test and practice for the reverse test, I think this is the challenging part of the test. Sorry, I went far away from your question, but I hope that you pass next time. Good luck!

maybe you should consider moving to a city that has a good mass transport system

There is a waiting period... but I dont think it is a year. Here in Nebraska I think it is a month...

It will cost a little money, but during the waiting period, go pay for a few Professional Driving Lessons. It is not that expensive and they really teach you alot of information. This will also give you some needed confidence while driving during the test so Hopefully you will pass next time! Good Luck!

dodge man
i am not very familiar with the laws in California,,but in Tennessee,,you can keep trying until you pass the test,,i think after 3 times here you have what is called a cooling off period,,its 3 months,,before you can try it again,,but its not a year here anyway..maybe its not there ,,good luck with it,,i hope this help,s,,PS don't give up keep trying,,you,ll make it.

ride the bus , the world is already dangerous enough

I hope you pass, too............after you learn how to drive!

The world is a safer place with one less dangerous retard behind the wheel. That's what.

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