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What happens when people leave their engines on while pumping gas, when the sign says turn engine off?
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What happens when people leave their engines on while pumping gas, when the sign says turn engine off?


Well let's see. First there is an increased risk of fire because there is a chance something from your engine could ignite the vapor rich environment in which you are standing.

Also, you are wasting gas. In case you haven't noticed the stuff is kind of expensive! Is turning the key off and then on again REALLY that hard?

Finally there is just that much more pollution in the air from the engine running when it shouldn't be. Frankly I can't think of a single good reason to leave it on.

Some people are not very bright. I've seen people smoking while pumping gas. What morons!!!!!!

The most common causes of fires at gas pumps are leaving the engine running or smoking a cigarette.

The Gas Fumes are what explode when ignited by the sparking of an engine running or by the glowing ember of a cigarette.

The most common causes of fires at gas pumps are leaving the engine running or smoking a cigarette.

Here's the Institute's advice for safe refueling
Turn off Engine
Don't Smoke
Never re-enter your vehicle while pumping gas.
If you need to get back in the car while refueling, touch a metal part of your car that is not near the fuel tank area before reaching for the gas nozzle. Touching a metal portion of your car will dispel any static charge that you may have created while pumping gas.

If one of your passengers does need to get out of the car while you are refueling they should avoid touching the gas pump nozzle. If they need to operate the pump they should touch a metal portion of your car before touching the nozzle.

Irish Girl
My father in law does that and my husband and I both agree that he's taking a chance of a fire starting and we don't like it when we are in his truck. My husband turns ours off when we pump our gas. It's just a good idea to turn it off to be safe.

Most of the time, nothing. I mean the police don't drive through gas stations issuing tickets to those who ignore the suggestion. But if you are unfortunate enough to suffer a car fire, and the insurance finds out you were filling your car while it was running, they have a wonderful opportunity to refuse your claim.

Plus it's safer to turn it off.

Theres a chance that a buildup of static electricity may cause an explosion
or sparking same thing
Cell phones are also a spark/static producer

John K
Nothing! Cars drive by all the time while the pumps are going and nothing happens. Your best chance of starting a fire is due to static electricity from getting in and out of your car.

The reason that they have you turn on off your car is that there is an exponentially higher chance of igniting the fumes of the gasoline. I performed an experiment similar to pumping gas using an engine and a cell phone in high school, and you would be amazed at how much more likely to cause a fire leaving the engine running and using a cell phone are to cause fire. I noticed with the engine running the fuel ignited 3 out of the 100 times I repeated the expirment, and a cell phone doubled the likely hood of fire. So turn off the car, besides at 2.50 a gallon in many places it just makes sense to not waste gas.

the quick shop police come out and arrest you!!

This is a very real hazard that is so easy to avoid. The reason you do not want to pump gas into a running car is this:
Modern vehicles' fuel pump is located inside the gas tank. When the car is running the pump is still working, and can spark. This is more of a problem when levels of gas are low in the tank.

Theoretically, a spark from the engine could ignite the gasoline fumes. It doesn't happen "very often", but obviously it's happened often enough for somebody to manufacture those signs, and for gas stations to post them.


Ernesto T
I have a truck that uses LPG gas, and there are signs not only to turn off the engine but also it is asked the people to leave the car when pumping gas. It is for safety in case of fire with a spark from the exhaust or from the ignition system.I think it is a good idea.

Nothing happens. I have left them running before. However it does put you more at risk of a fire.

dodge man
nothing happens especially in the winter time,there's just a chance that something from the car could ignite the gas fumes coming from fueling the vehicle,,but i do it ,and I'm sure a lot of other people also do it,but technically your not supposed to,good luck i hope this help,s.

stop hatin on Dodgeman retard

Nothing, there is just a bigger chance that a fire will start. personally I leave the car running for convenience.

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